Axis Fixed IP cameras

Providing security to your business and home is a necessity in this age. It safeguards your important assets, premises and your family from any potential risks. Providing an extra layer of security may feel insignificant initially when everything going smooth from your end. However, the truth is that no one is immune any possible dangers. The finest way to providing security is the CCTV solution -by implementing CCTV systems you are increasing the security cover to your business and family.

You may be confused in choosing the systems, but a good solution provider can determine the right systems for you. Fortunately, there are analog surveillance and IP surveillance system available and as per your budget and need, your provider can choose the good option from IP and analog surveillance system. IP camera captures the video footages and the resulting content is distributed over an IP network. Advantages of having IP surveillance system are plenty and it includes the high-quality images, intelligent video capabilities, easy installation and integration and much.

If you are looking for high-quality resolution images and remote access, then axis IP cameras can be a good option for you. Axis is widely acclaimed as the leading producer of a wide range of high-quality Fixed network or IP cameras. Depending on the varied security applications, the company manufactures vivid cameras for the sensitive environments.

Axis Fixed IP Cameras Dubai

Axis Fixed Cameras for your security surveillance

These cameras including the outdoor and indoor types have been designed to meet a variety of security needs. The characteristic of the fixed type cameras are that, the direction in which it is pointed is evidently visible. It consists of the series that include Axis M10, Axis M20, Axis P14, Axis Q17, Axis M11, Axis P13, Axis Q16, Axis Q8414-LVS network camera series.

Axis M10 network camera series: This series deliver small and smart cameras, perfect for safeguarding locations such as businesses places, restaurants, small shops, hotels or homes. It extend the features of best-in-class image quality and professional monitoring capabilities.

Axis M20 network camera series: This series, including the small and stylish bullet type cameras, produce brilliant image quality though at night. It extends great advantages in terms of initial operational and installation costs.

Axis P14 network cameras: This series comprises of compact, outdoor-ready bullet-style cameras. These cameras are perfect for 24/7 video monitoring, in exposed outdoor areas such as parking spaces, service- stations and for other indoor applications where a solid camera is needed.

Axis Q17 network cameras: This series include the HDTV (day and night) cameras for the professional use. Axis Q17 network camera series are good for streets and crossings, hotels and bars, highly confidential areas, airports and railway stations where high-quality identification is needed.

Axis M11 network cameras: This series of camera deliver versatile and in-expensive fixed cameras that are well for the wide range of video surveillance applications. The area of application includes retail and banking, hotels, restaurants and other office buildings.

Axis P13 network cameras: This series of IP or network camera series comprise of light sensitive cameras that are capable of delivering SVGA up to 5 megapixel resolution, including HDTV 720p and 1080p video.

Axis Q16 network series: This series of camera includes ready fixed cameras that can be used for the indoor and outdoor surveillance applications. It has the capability to delivering exceptional image quality in various security conditions, such as poor or highly variable lighting.

Axis Q8414-LVS network camera: This series of camera is perfect for the medical environments where there is a need to prevent deliberate harming and to avoid internal encounters. The series is available in two color versions, powder coated white (AXIS Q8414-LVS White) and brushed stainless steel (AXIS Q8414-LVS Metal)

If you have decided to install the Axis fixed cameras for your business or residence, it is good to rely on experienced CCTV provider in Dubai.

Solutions with CCTV Dubai

Given the depth of maturity and responsibility CCTV Dubai has developed over the years, we have a huge count of customers who are satisfied with us.  As the leading CCTV installation providers in Dubai, we strive our best to deliver quality CCTV security systems with Axis fixed cameras in Dubai. We can deliver state of the art security systems with Axis IP cameras. Our services are available in other parts of UAE as well including Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman. If you have decided to deploy total security systems, we are here to assist you. We can deliver solutions to all kinds of surveillance applications which can be compromised with other axis products such as Axis NVR and Axis IP cameras in Dubai.