The analog surveillance systems has not lost its significance and it is still an indomitable surveillance system in the market, though the demand for the high definition is increasing. The need to change the cabling system for the HD system can result in a higher operational cost for the customers. Now the customers can embrace high definition system without changing the cabling through HDCVI technology. HDCVI or High definition Composite video interface is fast gaining the attention as a cost-effective solution for the security surveillance. HDCVI is the technology that allows High definition videos to be transmitted over the existing coaxial cable. There is no need to use the new cabling system when upgrading to high definition system with the HDCVI technology. The features of this technology make it promising for those who are looking to upgrade from the existing analog systems. HDCVI allows the system to transmit signals of up to 1080p resolution and can transmit video and audio over the same coaxial cable thus saving money and time. The cost effectiveness makes it more interesting and it comes around the same price as that of the analog surveillance. There are many reasons why you should consider HDCVI -Easy upgrade, advanced transmission of video signals (1080P), long distance transmission and much more.



DVR is usually used in the analog surveillance system to record and storing video footage in a digital format. A digital video recorder helps to manage the videos in a greater and better way. HDCVI DVR works the same way as DVR does. However, the technology (HDCVI) makes it different by allowing the transmission of high-resolution signals over the existing cable system. HDCVI DVR is compatible with HDCVI Cameras. CCTV Dubai is the leading provider of CCTV solutions in UAE. We at CCTV Dubai understand initially what it takes to make a successful surveillance system with the leading brands. The ability to adapt new technology and implement it in a way the customer wants make us a promising CCTV solution provider in Dubai. The portfolio of brands we deal with incudes CP Plus HDCVI DVR and Dahua HDCVI DVR. Over the years both these DVRs continue to dominate in the domain of High definition security surveillance systems. With the outstanding performance and other latest features, these DVRs extends a good option for the HDCVI and analog surveillance system.

What makes CCTV Dubai different?

We are bestowed with the team of experts who are devoted to execute at a greater level. Due to the level of responsibility, we have developed over the years with the customers, CCTV Dubai is considered as the experts in CCTV installation in UAE. We always endeavor to deliver the best of CCTV security systems with state of the art products. We can provide wide-ranging security systems with different brands in Dubai. Our services are operational in other parts of UAE as well including Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman. If you have decided to implement a new system or to upgrade from analog to High definition total security systems, we are here to assist you. We can deliver solutions to all kinds of surveillance requests which can be dealt with wide range of security cameras including IP cameras, HDCVI cameras, Analog Cameras and the recording systems including DVRs, HDCVI DVRs and NVR.

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