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CP Plus CCTV Dubai camera systems for surveillance needs. Keep your workplace and home safe with these leading-edge security systems.CP Plus provides you with the best solution that has been specifically designed according to your precise yet individual needs. These solutions cover everything, CCTV Camera, CCTV Analog Camera, Box Camera, Dome Camera, IR Security, CCTZ PTZ Camera, and others.

Over the past several years, CCTV technology has improved much and has become inexpensive and easier to use as well. Now, even the sophisticated systems are affordable to the small business owners and even individuals can employ the system with comfort. The result is that CCTV becomes common everywhere. Most of the organizations will have an exact purpose on why and under what circumstances the CCTV systems are employed. CCTV allows the images to be captured, stored and distributed. As far as the organization is concerned good management of handling the CCTV security systems is a prerequisite.

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CCTV Dubai provides security solutions with CP PLUS CCTV

Most of the organizations are looking for systems that offers an integrated solution to their security needs. Here comes the importance of quality and branded systems. CP PLUS the worldwide leader in cutting-edge surveillance and security solutions has come up with the advanced systems that provide a refined approach to your varied security needs. CCTV Dubai is well competent in providing the state of the art surveillance systems with the CP Plus security cameras and recording systems. With years of experience in redefining the security strategies in and around UAE across various verticals, we are counted as the best CCTV solution provider in Dubai.

Here, lists some of the products that CP Plus offer.

  • IP cameras
  • Analog Cameras
  • Recording Systems

IP Cameras

The IP cameras from CP Plus are designed to capture the videos in a much-sophisticated way. The IP cameras are available in wireless and wired versions and these are particularly easy to use and can be moved around the environments easily.

The New IP series from CP plus CCTV Dubai streams at H.264, MPEG 4 and MJPEG video for the provision of high quality and bandwidth efficient formats. The H.265 is known for producing small file size that makes it quite useful for extended recording along with great detail and using low bandwidth in networks. The MJPEG provides high file integrity with ideal situations that will need extensive imaging details. Along with that, these new cameras also support multiple streaming products with each one having its resolution, codec, and even frame rates.

It offers the features of

  • Night Vision
  • Long-distance live data transmission
  • Interoperability
  • Good IP range
  • Digital capture
  • High-quality Image Sensor
  • Supports High Resolution

Analog Cameras

Analog cameras from the CP Plus balance the quality and output in an enhanced way. Designed for a variety of applications, the CP Plus analog cameras are the sure choice for your security needs at a reasonable expense. Paying attention to the activities, with analog cameras from the trusted brand in the industry, we deliver flawless CCTV solutions in Dubai to secure your most sensitive areas, your building premises and so on.

The CP plus CCTV Dubai provides HD images that pertain the clarity of almost any scene. All this without any jagged edges even when these cameras are taking photos of moving options.  Not to mention the fact, these cameras are also well capable of making HD images day and night as they are equipped with IR filter that switches night mode in low-light conditions.


CP Plus Network Video Recorder

Network Video Recorders from CP Plus delivers excellence recording solutions with the CP Plus IP cameras. We believe that the recording solution we have come up will deliver all the features of top end security systems. With the wide range of CP Plus NVRs, you get the high definition recording solution adapted to the CP Plus network cameras and other branded network cameras.

The CP plus NVR uses H.264/ H.265 compression standalone CCTV DVR in four to 128 channels. The Hybrid system makes a huge difference as it has different recording capacity with better quality and more frame rates.

CpPLUS Dubai leverages its huge distribution network as it provides ready instruments to their clients, the Network Video Recorders.  Input and components used to make the NVR line up are only poured in from reliable providers of this industry. However, we sure checked the quality under strict examinations. Once the production was completed, the final product was nothing else but completely flawless.

The Network Video Recorders from CP Plus has the following features:

  • Real-time live view
  • Good Incoming bandwidth
  • Support other brand IP cameras
  • Smart search by time and date
  • Dual codec decoding
  • Simultaneous video Output
  • Playback features

CP Plus Digital Video Recorder

CP Plus DVR records the video in a digital format to the storage mediums such as the disk drive, memory card, or to other network-connected storage devices. DVRs connected with the analog cameras record the video streams and store to the storage devices. The DVRs from the CP Plus has all the features that can be well paired with the Analog cameras.

The CP Plus range comes with four, eight, sixteen and even thirty-two configurations. The hard disk capacity is made available in 1 HDD, 2 HDD, and even 8 HDD. Also, it also supports remote view with all famous browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. The remote view with management software is intended to be used with Windows and Mac compatible devices. The customers can now enjoy remote view features even on their cell phones if they want to.

It has the features of

  • Real-time preview
  • Dual stream video compression
  • Supports the playback facilities
  • Support remote access
  • Real-time recording (for some models)
  • Real-time recording (some models)
  • Trigger important events

The CP Plus CCTV security systems have all the features and facilities to support your surveillance in a much refined and cost-effective way. With these systems, CCTV Dubai has the knowledge and experience to offer you a complete surveillance solution to your business environment. Apart from Dubai, we have an extensive service influence in the region of Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain, and Ajman. Our ability to design and implement the systems across the realms of educational institutions, corporates, financial institutions, and other sectors have earned the reputation as the best CCTV service provider in Dubai.

Don’t lean back to the decision of implementing a surveillance system in your establishment. Contact us now to know more about design and implementation.


The CCTV Surveillance and Security kits designed for security applications work with CCTV Security cameras comprise of DVR and CCTV accessories. These predesigned kits prove to be ideal for businesses of all sizes. Moreover, these also include a primary wire pack with connectors to start while you are installing the system.


The CP plus CCTV Dubai cameras come with Auto Iris and Manual Iris C/CS-Mount Lens. This lens is designed for particular applications as glass are an important part of the entire CCTV system. Furthermore, this company provides you with a vast array to choose from. If you want the best results, don’t be hesitant to get some professional help for setting up your system

What We offer?

CP plus CCTV Dubai offers you a complete range of systems including all types of cameras and applications. Now you have the freedom to search for a particular component on the basis of its particular function. Get the best products according to your needs, on top of it, get them at surprisingly affordable prices.

CP Plus CCTV Dubai camera systems for surveillance needs. Keep your workplace and home safe with these leading-edge security systems.

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