CCTV Camera Dubai

One thing is clear; the security is a major concern to most of the organizations and is more challenging than ever. Fundamentally, security is important across all domains to ensure that the individuals, premises, and all possessions are widely protected. As a major concern, commercial properties, retail outlets and companies accept the incorporation of integrated security solutions. The element of protection with security guards is limited to an extent since they are unable to provide a complete watch of the entire premises with their vision and ears. Here is the importance of CCTV Security Systems comes into play with the daily running of the business. Other than providing security to the buildings, assets and other external and internal threats, CCTV cameras have a prominent role in the organizational productivity as well. The surveillance cameras ensure the productivity of employees by journaling the activities on a daily basis.

Security is considered to be essential at this juncture; with the forced entry, robbery and crime become common it is not just your organizations need the security measures, also your home should be protected with CCTV Camera Dubai surveillance systems.

The reasons why you need to install CCTV Surveillance:

  • Prevent crime and theft
  • Extra piece of evidence for solving issues
  • Keep an eye on employees, outside people, children and things
  • Monitor high risk areas
  • Guard staffs

CCTV Surveillance solutions with Vector Digital Systems Dubai.

CCTV camera is an important tool in the surveillance system. The implementation of video surveillance has discouraged and improved the security in a greater way.

Over many years of experience helping many businesses in Dubai, UAE to improve the security and surveillance has allowed CCTV DUBAI to develop a strategy for where to place your surveillance cameras. As per your requirements we fix CCTV cameras at the strategic positions which helps you to have a precise record of where and what is happening inside and outside the business. Hence the Strategic positioning of the Camera is important.

We help you to choose the best strategic location of your premises to fix the cameras and it can include the restricted areas of your building, outdoor locations, entry and exit points, office rooms and much more. The types of CCTV cameras we deal includes the IP camera, Analog Camera and HDCVI camera. Using what we understand from the review and consultation we will suggest the ideal camera for your requirement.

What we have for you?

At Vector Digital Systems we provide varied types of endorsed and branded CCTV Cameras in Dubai to enhance the surveillance. The types of camera includes:

IP Cameras: CCTV camera allows you to observe what’s happening through live or recorded video. The IP camera offers a fast and high-quality images to what is being monitored through a proper connected network. No longer does you need to suffer on the poor quality images as that of analog CCTV delivers. IP cameras delivers major surveillance advantages over Analog cameras.

If you have decided to tighten up your CCTV surveillance in Dubai, it would be nice to consult with Vector Digital Systems, we would be able to install and run the systems for you.

We offer different branded IP cameras, both wireless and wired that suits your environment in an effective way as per the requirements.

Analog cameras: We deal with the installation and support of analog cameras as well. The difference in the cameras lies in the way in which the video is delivered. Analog camera systems use Digital Video recorder for storing the video.

Designed for a variety of applications, the analog cameras for some reasons are the perfect choice for your security needs. Keeping an eye on your activities, with analog cameras from trusted names in the industry, we deliver flawless CCTV solutions in Dubai to secure your most sensitive areas, your building premises and inside the office.

HDCVI Cameras: High Definition composite Video Interface (HDMI camera) employs a different method of transmitting video images over any cable type. The quality depends on the cable and better the cable, the better is the results. In HDCVI camera system, the video is encoded and recorded in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) only. The advantage is that both the video and audio can be transmitted over the cable from HDCVI camera to DVR.

There are many advantages in featuring the HDCVI camera in Dubai. With the capability to transmit the videos up to certain feet, the camera has several extended capabilities over the standard analog cameras.

Enhance your surveillance with our CCTV cameras, Dubai.

We are experts in delivering the right CCTV solutions in Dubai and with the wide range of (IP, Analog and HDCVI camera) brands and models, our various surveillance cameras offer the solutions for any applications be it outdoor or indoor. The services include the on-site system setup and configuration of surveillance camera installation and system integration. Our industry leading solutions can help your business grow in an unprecedented way.  We are popular as the leading CCTV Camera provider in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman.

Whatever the security requirement you have, vector digital systems has the solution for you. By extracting every possibilities, the solutions we deliver have a fruitful impact on your security concerns.