CCTV security surveillance extends a line of security against illegal activities that happens in and around the residential or business environment. Questions may arise about the effectiveness of the CCTV surveillance system in the business or home, but it seems to have been a good solution for deterring any unprincipled happenings. CCTV installation means you are increasing the safety. Just like that, the main advantage of surveillance cameras in the business or home is that you can have a close watch on the activities and premises. Installing CCTV surveillance at home help you to keep an eye always while you are away for vacation or shopping or travelling. As far the business is concerned having a good CCTV security is important. And with this you can enhance the employee surveillance. You have to be really conscious for many reasons, since the customer behavior is unpredictable.

It is vital to get the right CCTV installed in the right locations. Why so? Monitoring can be made easy through the CCTV installations in the prime locations. Needless to say, positioning surveillance cameras at the considered locations throughout the premises can ensure complete safety to the assets and life. So security in the environment, be at home or at the office premises, should be your top priority.


CCTV security solutions you can trust always

If you are looking for a new CCTV Camera installation in Dubai or upgrading your existing surveillance system, you should consider for a reliable and trustworthy CCTV solution provider. CCTV Dubai provides customized security systems. We are the leading company supplying custom-made security solutions to homes and businesses throughout UAE. As a professional CCTV solution providers, we make sure that our customers are received state of the art solution.  Due to this, we remain as the leader in CCTV installations Dubai, UAE. Our team of professionals is passionate at bringing safety to you, your family and business. And with the integrated systems, we are capable of designing and implementing an impeccable surveillance solution that meets your requirements.

Why CCTV Dubai?

As one of the UAE’s largest security solution provider, we provide surveillance solution that keeps a significant number of large and medium businesses functioning. Our core aim lies in offering the best security solution with the renowned and branded products. You can be assured that all the products we deal meet the latest industry standards and is compliant with any kind of surveillance at your workplace or at home.

Your security is our concern

CCTV Dubai provides a comprehensive range of CCTV solutions in Dubai which can be tailored to meet the distinct needs of your business. The choice of systems includes the IP surveillance and analog surveillance system. What we do is, we make a visit to your site and we propose and advise a plan that suits your needs. The plan we propose can meet your current and future requirements. We have no commitment to any particular brands instead we offer a best solution with the best products that you think is right for the particular environment. And with the quality CCTV maintenance services in Dubai we make sure that your systems are kept fully functioning throughout. Our CCTV annual maintenance contract Dubai ensures that your business, assets, your staff etc…are protected always. We provide CCTV maintenance to a wide range of industries, businesses and homes in Dubai. Our service is very much flexible and sustainable.

You can choose IP surveillance or Analog surveillance system depending on your financial budget. It is obvious that it extends peace of mind by deterring potential threats. The other virtues that CCTV system provide is that they help the police solve crimes like the robbery and the crime. When it comes to home security it helps them to trace out the happenings outside the home such as the antisocial activities.

Some of the maintenance activities include serious inspection of CCTV systems against any deterioration or damage, check all the control devices such as the NVRs and DVRs, check the quality of the recording and much more.

Choosing The Right Product

As a pioneer in the supply, design, deployment and maintenance of the security solutions, we have knowledge in all features of security to help you meet all your surveillance needs. The portfolio of products we deal with includes IP cameras, Analog Cameras, HDCVI Cameras, DVRs and NVRs. CCTV installation in Dubai is provided by the experts particularly skilled in their area of work. From analogue system to HDCVI system, CCTV Dubai deals with wide range of CCTV installation in Dubai to industries of varied sizes. Our service offers an extensive range of CCTV installations in Dubai with the latest cameras, real-time recording devices and other security products.

CCTV Dubai care extremely about protecting your home or office environment. We set ourselves some aggressive goals and measures to build and enhance the surveillance system by employing operational policies and strategies. We are proud of ourselves to be counted as the front-runner of CCTV Camera installation in Dubai, CCTV maintenance in Dubai and CCTV Annual maintenance contract Dubai. We present solutions with trusted and branded surveillance products and the products we deal represents biggest names in the industry including Hikvision, Dahua, Grandstream, and much more. With our experience and valued advice, so you have the choice before you to pick the brand you like and build the system. We have the services operational in other emirates of UAE as well and it includes Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman.

To start enjoying the benefits of a CCTV surveillance consult with us for a better understanding of our services and products.

We invite you to explore our activities and discover how we can provide a better, scalable and reliable CCTV installation in Dubai that makes a huge influence in your business. At CCTV Dubai our mission is quite clear; to be the best in what we provide and providing the customers with the level of service they need. We are here to help you always. Contact us.