Uniview CCTV offers diversity products for IP video surveillance applications.UNV CCTV Products are cost-effective but excellent quality and also dependable IP surveillance tools by utilizing the most up to date processors and high-performance CMOS sensors from the industrial leading brand names. UNV HD IP cams are able to capture top quality video not only has a megapixel resolution, however additionally has exact color recreation.
In regards to surveillance video recording, UNV CCTV provides a variety of HD network video clip recorders that includes  H. 264 NVR, H.265 NVR and also PoE NVRs feature Power over Ethernet innovation to use plug-and-play installation. The 4K NVRs that not just uses video recording instead it offer to preview, playback with a maximum 12-megapixel resolution. These NVRs additionally provide clever video clip analytics including cross line detection/perimeter detection, region discovery, U-Code Intelligent compression, people counting,  and face detection. Most importantly, this intelligent video clip evaluation could be attained by UNV Smart  NVR itself.


UNV IP Camera DubaiUNV IP Megapixel network electronic cameras supply lots of advantages, they have the tendency to cover a bigger location which could minimize the number of installed CCTV Cameras. The picture resolution provided by a megapixel CCTV camera is at the very least 4 times above that of a standard analog CCTV camera. Higher resolution supplies greater detail. Greater information enables better identification. UNIVIEW IP video camera can deliver megapixel real-time video while providing remarkable low light efficiency with Uniview U-Code Modern technology and also H. 265 Compression.UNV CCTV offers 4MP IP cameras,2 MP IP Cameras, 1.3 MP IP Cameras, Starlight technology cameras, 4K ready NVR’s, 4K PTZ’s, Pan/ Tilt Bullet Camera and Fisheye CCTV Camera.

All the new UNV CCTV Cameras support H. 265 compression/HEVC streaming. H. 265 compression provides approximately 50% storage space reduction and bandwidth decrease, causing significant expense savings in the application of safety and security monitoring systems. H. 265 compression, as well as U-CODE technology, realize high picture high quality streaming at low bit rates.H.265 compression support in Uniview CCTV Products creating approximately a 50% decrease in transmission capacity compared to H. 264 and UNV’s Advanced Smart Coding push that figure up to a 90% reduction.
UNV CCTV Cameras deliver extreme Visibility with outstanding low-light performance.Uniview CCTV Cameras function well with balanced direct exposure as well as accurate color in also under most challenging illumination environments.The UNV PTZ  video cameras take roadway and also traffic monitoring to a brand-new degree of efficiency by integrating a high-efficiency imaging system with sophisticated video clip analytics technology supplying enhanced situational recognition at longer distances and making it possible for security professionals to find as well as respond to incidents faster.

Uniview NVR and Storage Devices

UNV NVR DUBAIUNV NVR and storage devices deliver maximum returns on your investment in video security and surveillance.Uniview offer variety of network storage options to match all kinds of CCTV Security Applications. Uniview NVR Models are coming with Single Hard Disk Supported NVR, 2 Hard Disk Supported NVR, 4 Hard Disk Supported NVR, 8 Hard Disk Supported NVR , 16 Hard Disk Supported NVR and several IP San options up to 48 HDD Support. Depend on the model UNV NVR Support 6 TB to 8 TB in each HDD Bay.

UNV NVR supports H. 265/HEVC video compression codec. By leveraging H. 265/HEVC video compression, the bit rate, as well as bandwidth, as well as storage space, can minimize to half while keeping the high picture quality.There are several UNV NVR Models with integrated PoE feature offers much easier link and installation with cost saving on the network environment.The Uniview distinct modern technology permits the network wire to expand as much as 300 meters which remove the use of network repeaters.UNV NVR supplies multiple recording modes, very easy to browse & take care of network cameras. Consisting of configuration wizard to help users promptly configuration the system.