Axis Fixed Dome IP Cameras Dubai

With the level of increasing threats, it is important for the business and homes to tighten the security. The data shows that the activities such as the crimes and thefts ate increasing day by day and is crossing all the limits. One of the best practical measure to deter and monitor the activities is to employ the CCTV security systems at the business premises and homes. The advantages it offer are encouraging and is now feasible for most of the organizations to afford, given the fact, both the residence owners and business people are showing much interest in this advanced security. Looking at some of the benefits of CCTV security will leave you a thought on implementing the systems for your business.

  • Keep a tight vigil over the premises where the cameras are installed
  • Identifying the thefts by monitoring the video footages
  • The footages can be used as a piece of evidence in the wake of any happenings
  • Increase the employee productivity and efficiency

Make the decision that will help your business and home more secured. An experienced solution provider can help you get the finest system, that suit well to your needs and budget. But when it comes to the choice, you have the IP surveillance and analog surveillance system available to your security needs. Among the systems, IP surveillance is the advanced and the emerging surveillance system to the business. It offers high-resolution footages and is blessed with several features such as the extended video capabilities, easy installation and integration and so on.

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In IP systems, Axis cameras are considered to be a good option for your business. Axis is an acclaimed leader in the realm of CCTV security systems and with the highest number of varied type of cameras and other security systems, it has the name as the leading security systems provider in the market. The company manufactures vivid range of cameras and it includes the fixed dome cameras as well.

Axis Fixed dome cameras for your indoor – outdoor surveillance needs

Axis fixed dome cameras have designed for discreet surveillance. With Its discreet, non-obtrusive design, it is difficult to identify in which direction the cameras are focusing. The covering these cameras delivers greatest protection against the defocusing and redirection. The portfolio of types it includes, Axis M30 network camera series, Axis M31 network camera series, Axis P32 network camera series, Axis P33 network camera series, Axis P3707-PE network camera series, Axis Q35 network camera series, Axis Q36 network camera series and Axis Q37  network camera series.

Axis M30 network camera series: These are easy to install fixed dome cameras and is highly discreet and economically viable. The cameras of this series offer HDTV performance and varied angle – 180 degree/360 degree panoramic shots. With these qualities, Axis M30 network cameras is perfect for outdoor and indoor surveillance.

Axis M31 network camera series: This mini domed fixed cameras comes with the feature of IR illumination that are available at an affordable price. Its new flat-faced design overturns the reflection of light to provide the best of the image quality. It comes with both indoor and outdoor models.

Axis P32 network camera series: This series consists of the vandal resistant fixed dome cameras for the indoor and outdoor surveillance. The models have been equipped with the advanced technology and are available at affordable costs. Some models comes with the Optimized IR feature that provide a flexible angle of illumination of a circumstance in complete darkness environments.

Axis P33 network camera series: These full featured fixed dome cameras extends high performance capabilities. The fully featured indoor and outdoor cameras are beautifully designed and is easy to install as well. It comes in three versions such as indoor, indoor vandal- resistant and outdoor-ready vandal-resistant.

Axis P3707-PE network camera series:  The camera models come under this series offers 360 degree or a combination of overviews. These varifocal cameras fitted with the 8 MP Multi sensor offers a cost effective solution for the wide range surveillance. These cameras are ideal for the shopping malls, schools, offices etc… it is also good for the intersection of the hallways, roads and the corner of the buildings.

Axis Q35 network camera series: This series comprises of high performing, vandal resistant fixed domes that has the capacity to offer high image quality pictures. These cameras provide fine balanced videos in a situations with varied lighting. It features technology that enables brilliant image usability in poor lighting conditions. It has electronic image stabilization for improvising the video quality.

Axis Q36 network camera series: With the ease of the installation, these cameras produce exceptional quality images. It comes with the technology that has the capability to produce great images even in the poor light. It also feature the electronic image stabilization that makes the image steady.

Axis Q37 network camera series:  Equipped with three sensors, these cameras deliver 180 degree overview picture without any separation in the center. It’s ideal for wide range coverage and support day night functionality for the better streaming of the images throughout.

If you have been decided to implement the Axis fixed dome cameras for your business or residence, it is good to rely on an experienced CCTV provider in Dubai.

Solutions with CCTV Dubai

Given the depth of maturity and responsibility CCTV Dubai has developed over the years, we have a great count of customers who are pleased with us.  Being a leading CCTV installation providers in Dubai, we endeavor our best to deliver quality security systems with Axis fixed cameras in Dubai. We can deliver cutting edge solutions and systems with Axis IP cameras. We are available in other parts of UAE as well including Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman. We are here to assist you from the scratch – from designing to deployment. We can deliver solutions to all kinds of surveillance applications which can be compromised with other axis products such as Axis NVR and Axis IP cameras in Dubai.