Axis Onboard IP Cameras

In this age, security is a necessity for both the business and homes. With the increasing levels of risks, it is important to secure the environments and assets with added level of security measures. CCTV security is one of the finest way to ensure that your business, vehicles and home is safe from the possible risks. Implementing CCTV systems bring lot of benefits to your business, apart from providing the security cover, it augments business and employee productivity in a greater way. Given the level of benefits it bring, most of the business now are accepting CCTV systems as the primary level of providing security.

Just consider some of the benefits of CCTV surveillance:

  • Deter any potential risks such as the forced entry, employee theft, crimes etc…
  • Continuous monitoring of the activities within and outside the premises
  • It helps you to take the right decisions
  • Helpful in gathering evidence, which helps in dealing with a legal situations.

axis onboard ip cameras dubai uae

To make your business residence, vehicles secured should be your prime target. With the help of an experienced CCTV provider you can have an impeccable security solution at affordable budget. As the most demanding and emerging security solutions, IP surveillance system is gaining wide attention across the industries. Apart from being the most reliable, it comes with advanced features and solutions as compared to the analog surveillance – such as the extended video capabilities, easy installation and integration and so on.

Axis is counted as the leading provider and manufacturer of IP security systems in the security market. The company manufactures vivid series of IP cameras and it comprises of Fixed, modular, panoramic, thermal and other types for the security needs.

Axis onboard cameras for the vehicle surveillance needs

The axis onboard IP cameras are designed exclusively for the discreet and well-organized surveillance and these types find its use in the subways, trains, buses and other vehicles. These cameras have protection against the dust and water and has the ability to withstand tough conditions. It comes with the clever feature, the active tampering alarm that provides you protection against any possible tampering attempts. And with the other added features and functionalities, the axis IP cameras are very suitable in various discreet environments. It consists of the series Axis P39-R Network camera series

Axis P39-R Network camera – for surveillance in vehicles

The AXIS P39-R Network Camera Series is particularly intended to be used for video surveillance in buses, trains, emergency vehicles and subway cars. These solid, rugged and discreet cameras have protection against dust and water, and can endure severe conditions such as tremors, shocks, collisions and temperature fluctuations. It offers High definition video quality and has the feature traffic light mode, edge storage etc…

If you have been decided to provide protection with the Axis onboard cameras, it is good to depend upon an experienced CCTV provider in Dubai.

Solutions with CCTV Dubai

Being a leader in providing security solution over the years, CCTV Dubai is measured as the best CCTV provider in the UAE. By providing matured and responsible solutions to the industries of all sizes, we have shown that we can handle all levels of security including the vehicle security with the Axis brands. Counted as the best, we strive to provide quality surveillance with the AXIS Onboard cameras. We are operational in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman as well. We are here to assist you from the beginning–designing to deployment. We can extend the surveillance with other axis products such as Axis NVR and Axis IP cameras in Dubai too.