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Establishing a strong security plan with CCTV systems allows you to have an active watch on the happenings within and outside the business or homes. To give proper security coverage and to improve productivity among employees, yes, you do need best security cameras. Amongst the cameras available, Axis security cameras are proved to be the best in the world in terms of features and functionalities. Designed for indoor and outdoor applications, Axis P85 Network camera series are being employed for reliable surveillance across world by the leading industries.

Having a proper CCTV security is necessary for a business in a city like Dubai. For a security solution to be realized, you first need to consult with a trusted Axis Camera distributors in UAE. With a good CCTV solution provider, building a strong security measure with the Axis CCTV systems would be easy. That what CCTV Dubai does provide.

Axis P85 Network camera series- A solution for a reliable identification

Criminal investigations requires a good view of an individual’s face. The cameras that fall in the category of this series are designed for a reliable identification of the faces. It look straight to the face of the person to get the real identification. Axis P85 Network camera series include the pinhole, eye-level cameras. It can be placed in the pipe or height strip housing for to be installed in the exits and entrance of the buildings for the extremely discreet indoor video surveillance. AXIS P8524 and AXIS P8535 IP Cameras are perfect for situations that need discreet surveillance.

These cameras deliver high definition images of 1080p resolution. Besides this, WDR- Forensic capture allows to capture the detailed images even in the difficult lighting conditions. Furthermore, it is easy to install and the viewing direction can be adjusted accordingly. It support power over Ethernet.

Just consider some of the advanced features:

  • Eye-level cameras for identification
  • High definition videos (1080p/720p)
  • Wide dynamic range – forensic capture
  • Flexible viewing direction
  • Choice of colors
  • Provides varied horizontal views

The cameras that fall in the category of Axis P85 Network cameras find its use for both the indoor and outdoor surveillance applications. When you implement system with P85 Network camera series the surveillance results can be even more powerful. CCTV Dubai is an expert in the field CCTV installation. As a prominent Axis camera distributors in Dubai, UAE we introduce advance solutions with Axis CCTV systems to ensure proper surveillance. Furthermore the end-to-end solution with us helps business to realize its security goals. As security provider and distributor of Axis systems CCTV Dubai is simply perfect.

We have years of experience in the vertical of designing, planning and installation as well. Looking for the best, we take extreme care to bring clarity to the security needs in a greater way. Hence in a city like Dubai, as an added security cover, it is good to get the systems installed with the latest cameras.

Our range of solutions are not concentrated in Dubai only, it is available in the emirates of Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras-Al-Khaimah and Ajman as well. Standard approach with AXIS security IP cameras give customers an opportunity to experience the desired results. With the pool of Axis IP cameras, the solutions are capable to meet all the security requirements in an efficient way. Once and for all, we are at your disposal for every kind of security needs – if it for your business or homes. Contact us for a detailed understanding.

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AXIS P8524 Dubai

AXIS P8524 Network Camera Dubai

AXIS P8524 Network Camera

Axis P8524 network camera is a pinhole camera that is designed for the eye-level surveillance. Placed in the height strip housing, this camera can capture the face of the person though he wears any cap or hood to cover the face. It can be extremely employed for the surveillance in banks, buildings, stores etc…

AXIS P8535 Dubai

AXIS P8535 Network Camera Dubai

AXIS P8535 Network Camera

Axis P8535 Network camera is a pinhole camera that is able to offer eye-level video surveillance. This height strip camera finds its extensive use in the banking environment, retail stores and other areas where the indoor discreet surveillance is much required. Reliable identification is possible in this camera.