AXIS M31 Network Camera Series – Axis Camera UAE

The cameras from Axis M31 Network Camera Series deliver excellent video quality in up to 4MP even in complex darkness. Inbuilt IR Illumination is an awe-inspiring feature that is included in this series of cameras.  This is what makes these cameras possible to capture high-quality images even in dark situations.

Here are some Features of AXIS M31 Network Camera Series:

  • Inbuilt IR illumination
  • Support HDTV video quality – from 720p to 4MP
  • Axis’ Zipstream technology – Reduce bandwidth and storage uses.
  • Supports video analytics
  • Discreet and flexible
  • Simple and cost-effective installation procedure.

Cameras with IR illumination normally available at high prices. But with this series of camera makes available for attractive prices. Cameras for both indoor and Outdoor uses are available in this series. Normally all of the users thinks about the initial cost of the surveillance system while installing it. But this is not the only thing that you should concerned about. After installing the system at your location there are expense for running this surveillance system. Just consider the expense for storage that you are going to spend after the installation. You are not installing this system temporarily? Right, then why don’t you plan ahead. Do not switch over to a low-cost system just because of its initial cost is low. Axis M31 Cameras series can save you a lot of money because of its efficient power usage and Axis’ Zipstream technology.

Most of the companies are utilizing their surveillance system for 24/7 monitoring purposes. While doing it the cost for the bandwidth and storage is a cardinal factor that should be taken care of. With the help of Axis’ Zipstream technology it is possible to lower the bandwidth and storage uses by 50% than the normal cameras.  Just think of how much money you can save on this bandwidth and storage by cutting it usage by half.

Axis is always dominant in this CCTV industry because of the quality of their product. From the invention of the network camera they are always in search for new ideas to deliver best product for their users. They have succeeded in that till date. This is because of their dedication to excel in the realm of CCTV technology.

Choosing the Best CCTV Solution Provider

It is bit hard to find out trusted CCTV solution provider in UAE. With years of experience in this industry we have built a great customer base in Dubai, UAE. IF you are looking for “Axis Camera UAE” then CCTV Dubai will be the best choice to get service from. We are mainly focused on trusted brands who are already proved their dedication to this industry by delivering innovative technology for their users. In that case Axis Communications is the one brand we suggest to our clients often. They have wide range of CCTV cameras to setup an optimal surveillance solution at any kind of locations. With our expertise and the technology from Axis Communications we can deliver you the best surveillance experience that you ever wanted to have.

Check out the cameras offered by us in this Axis M31 Network Camera series:

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AXIS M3104-L Dubai

AXIS M3104-L Network Camera Dubai

AXIS M3104-L Network Camera

AXIS M3104-L is a budget discreet Mini Fixed Dome IP camera with a flat front surface which prevents reflections. This camera is equipped with inbuilt IR LED and support WDR – Forensic capture technology which helps it to deliver high-quality images even in adverse lighting conditions.

AXIS M3104-LVE Dubai

AXIS M3104-LVE Network Camera Dubai

AXIS M3104-LVE Network Camera

The Axis M3104-LVE fixed mini dome camera is designed for discreet outdoor surveillance. With the support of built-in IR Illumination and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) – forensic capture technology, this camera can capture quality images even in challenging lighting conditions.

AXIS M3105-L Dubai

AXIS M3105-L Network Camera Dubai

AXIS M3105-L Network Camera

AXIS M3105-L is a cost-efficient video surveillance camera with built-in IR illumination and HDTV 1080p Video resolution. This camera support Axis’ Zipstream technology which helps to save the bandwidth and storage usage.

AXIS M3105-LVE Dubai

AXIS M3105-LVE Network Camera Dubai

AXIS M3105-LVE Network Camera

Axis M3105-LVE is an outdoor-ready video surveillance camera with inbuilt IR illumination. This camera delivers high-quality video in 1080p resolution at Frame Rate Up to 25/30 fps with power line frequency 50/60 Hz.

AXIS M3106-L Dubai

AXIS M3106-L Network Camera Dubai

AXIS M3106-L Network Camera

The AXIS M3106-L Network Camera has a built-in IR illumination which makes this an awesome day and night camera. With Quad HD/4-megapixels resolution this camera can output high-quality images. Its compact design makes it possible to fit anywhere.

AXIS M3106-LVE Dubai

AXIS M3106-LVE Network Camera Dubai

AXIS M3106-LVE Network Camera

Axis M3106-LVE is a Mini Fixed Dome Camera with built-in IR illumination for CCTV with a resolution of 4 megapixels at a Frame rate up to 25/30 fps. This camera is able to capture quality images in adverse lighting conditions with the use of WDR technology.