AXIS P54 PTZ Network Camera Series – Axis IR Camera

CCTV Cameras are becoming an unavoidable part of security surveillance systems. It is obvious that it is one of the most effective mediums of surveillance which enables you to over watch the home or business environment. It can prevent illicit events at your premises. There are lots of things that should be considered before implementing a CCTV surveillance system. First of all, you should be aware of the exact goal of having a video surveillance. Then we can design and choose the system as per the requirements. There are so many brands delivering CCTV Systems with their own proprietary technologies. Which brand is apt for your requirements? What technology can help you to fulfill your needs? These are some of the questions that first pop out of your mind when you plan to have a video monitoring system at your place.

A normal person cannot help you with that. You need an expert advice to sort out these questions. Here in UAE, we are delivering complete CCTV Solutions for all kinds of organizations. CCTV Dubai is one of the most reliable CCTV Solution provider in UAE. With our years of experience, we are able to sort out the puzzle of CCTV Design and Implementation.

Most of the organizations prefer IP camera technology for their surveillance requirements. We also recommend them to do so. You should be future-proof with your surveillance technology as you are going to invest some money on that. When we consider the brands, our first preference will be Axis communications. The inventors of IP camera technology. They always develop ingenious technologies to deliver an unparalleled output to the user.  Axis IR camera is a great advantage for people who are looking for a night vision solutions. Axis PTZ cameras are best to use in locations where a wide coverage is required. With the Pan/Tilt/Zoom Capabilities, it can deliver multiple views with a single camera. Axis P54 PTZ network cameras are able to capture a wide area up to 270° angle of view.

Here are some features of Axis P54 PTZ network cameras:

  • Outdoor wall mount design for easy installation (No separate mounting accessory is required)
  • Durable, low-maintenance mechanics
  • Delivers images at a resolution Up to HDTV 1080p with 18x optical zoom
  • Repaintable, integrated sunshield
  • Two-way audio & input/output ports

AXIS P54 network camera series designed with an intelligent, direct drive pan/tilt system which makes this a low-maintenance PTZ camera. There are no belt or gear to support PTZ functionality. The camera is directly connected to the drive shaft of 2 motors, one for panning and the other for tilting the cameras. There are two camera models belongs to this series. The cameras that belong to this series are AXIS P5414-E and AXIS P5415-E. These wall-mountable aesthetically designed PTZ cameras with repaintable cover makes them blend with any environment. There is no need to doubt the performance as these are Axis IP cameras developed by Axis Communications.

Check out more features Axis P54 PTZ network cameras:

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AXIS P5414-E Dubai

AXIS P5414-E PTZ Dome Network Camera Dubai

AXIS P5414-E PTZ Dome Network Camera

The Axis P5414-E is a PTZ Dome HDTV 720p quality network camera with 18x optical zoom. This is an outdoor-ready camera with a built-in bracket for wall mounting surveillance systems.

AXIS P5415-E Dubai

AXIS P5415-E PTZ Dome Network Camera Dubai

AXIS P5415-E PTZ Dome Network Camera

The Axis P5415-E is an outdoor-ready HDTV 1080p PTZ dome network camera developed by Axis Communications. Its wall mountable design helps to install this product much easily.