Grandstream GVR3552 Network Video Recorder Dubai


Grandstream GVR3552 Network Video Recorder Dubai

The Grandstream GVR3552 Network Video Recorder Dubai offers video recording, indexing, searching and video storage management for up to 16 video cameras with up to 4TB of storage, making it perfect for small businesses and housing users.


Grandstream GVR3552 Network Video Recorder


The Grandstream GVR3552 Network Video Recorder Dubai records and manages feeds from up to 16 IP cameras in 720p video or 8 in 1080p instantaneously. With this power and this price, the GVR3552 by Grandstream Dubai is the perfect central piece for a small-to-midsize business’s network surveillance camera installation. It contains HDMI output for playback of HD video straight on a TV or PC monitor or over the online UI: 4 channels of 720p or 2 channels of 1080p at once.

The Grandstream GVR3552 Dubai supports motion detection with 16 target areas and customizable alerts. On top of that, you can program recording to take place whichever on schedule or by events activating it. With space for 2 hard drives, giving you possibly 4 TB of storage, you’ll never be without HD video signal.

The GVR3552 Network Video Recorder Dubai supports Grandstream GXV36xx cameras and GXV35xx encoders.  It support for 3rd party ONVIF-compliant cameras is pending. The GVR3552 by Grandstream Dubai can be watched and managed by linking it straight to a TV or computer monitor or over the web user interface. The GVR3552 NVR supports all Grandstream IP Video surveillance cameras and IP Video Decoders and can automatically detect these devices. Users can sight the live feed of up to 4 cameras instantaneously and can save up to 4TB of video files on the device by simply connecting up to 2 hard drives using the easy to access hard drive tray.

Grandstream GVR3552 Network Video Recorder Features:

  • Up to 16 channels of 720p or 8 channels of 1080p HD audio/video real-time recording
  • Fully customizable recording rules; time-based, event-based, manual or automatic
  • Automatic discovery of Grandstream IP Cameras
  • Up to 2 SATA 2.5” internal hard drives with maximum 4TB storage and RAID 0 or RAID 1 configurations
  • Complete security features including role-based access control, event/system logs and hard drive content encryption


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