Axis Modular IP Cameras

In today’s world, to come up with a proper security solution is important for your business and homes. One of the best solution to have an extra cover of protection is CCTV security. CCTV security as a form of technology is growing rapidly and with various advanced options, CCTV extend the security surveillance in a sophisticated way. Due to which it can be employed as a trustful security partner for your business and homes. Indeed it is the finest way for applications where extra care is usually needed. As this form of security is being accepted throughout, i.e. in all walks of life, it indicates that the safety is secured in the hands of CCTV systems.

Axis Modular IP Cameras Dubai UAE

As a business is concerned, the CCTV security not only extends the element of protection, but also enhance the business productivity in a large scale. The presence of CCTV camera in the office premises creates a disciplined and tidy environment among the employees. Relying on an experienced solution provider is wise since they help you to come out with the right kind of solution and systems for you. IP surveillance is the kind that every business is most interested in and pays most attention to, as it allows the system to generate greater quality images, video capabilities and so on. Overall the benefits of implementing the IP surveillance is plenty.

Axis has the legacy of supplying and manufacturing state of the art IP cameras. The AXIS IP cameras are widely used in all security applications irrespective of the business. Axis has varied assemblage of IP cameras that are well suited to wide range of security needs. It is this capability that makes the AXIS systems stand out from other manufacturers.

Axis Modular IP Cameras for your security surveillance

The concept of the axis modular IP cameras are different. It divides the unit into two main parts including the sensor unit and main unit. The sensor unit is built with an image sensor with a cable and the main unit is obviously its main body. This divided design concept allows the system to be placed in tight places, where sensitive surveillance is required, what is available outwardly is the camera lens. Axis modular IP cameras comes in different series and it includes the Axis F series, Axis P12 network cameras series, Axis M2014-E and AXIS P85 Network camera series.

Axis F series: The cameras that falls under this series are used for wide range of applications. This series delivers high-performance high-definition cameras for the discreet outdoor and indoor applications. These are good for in-vehicle applications as well. Its applications include, ATM’s stores, banks etc…

Axis P12 network cameras series: This series of cameras has the advantage of offering inexpensive HDTV cameras especially designed for the discreet indoor and outdoor surveillance needs. Its flawless design, allows the systems to be easily merge with the kind of environments.

Axis M2014-E network cameras: For the applications that need high-performance cameras, then Axis M2014-E series is a perfect choice. This bullet styled IP cameras are designed for maximum flexibility. It is easy to install as well. Its features and design makes it perfect for the surveillance in ATM’s, banks, retail stores and so on.

AXIS P85 Network camera series: A piece of face identification may turn out a perfect evidence for the criminal investigations. Unlike other cameras, AXIS P85 network camera series pick the person’s face for more consistent identification.

Solutions with CCTV Dubai

Given the depth of maturity and responsibility, CCTV Dubai has developed over the years, we have a huge count of customers who are satisfied with us.  As the leading CCTV installation providers in Dubai, we strive our best to deliver quality CCTV security systems with Axis fixed cameras in Dubai. We can deliver state of the art security systems with Axis IP cameras. Our services are available in other parts of UAE as well including Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman. If you have decided to deploy total security systems, we are here to assist you. We can deliver solutions to all kinds of surveillance applications which can be compromised with other axis products such as Axis NVR and Axis IP cameras in Dubai.