AXIS M20 Network Camera Series Dubai

In the wake of potential risks, it is good to have a security system at your workplace and homes. In this age it is vital to keep important assets and premises under constant vigil. Keeping this in mind, people start to embrace CCTV security as the line of defense against the possible risks. They put their best effort to get the appropriate cameras for the system as it has a powerful role in capturing the moments. Apart from protecting your environment and assets, it augments the employee productivity as well. Now the market is blessed with the advanced security cameras and systems. Nevertheless, choosing the best is a tricky job. If you have been decided to implement a proper security, an experienced CCTV provider can help you to get the job done with the right cameras.

Axis is the foremost company engaged in the production of advanced security cameras and the systems. The cameras have been designed to meet the surveillance, both the indoor and outdoor security surveillance. Given its intelligent and multi-functionalities, these IP cameras are gaining popularity in the industry. Axis comes with the wide range of models and it includes models Axis M10, Axis M20, Axis P14, Axis Q17, Axis M11, Axis P13, Axis Q16, Axis Q8414-LVS network camera series.

Axis M20 network camera series: This series of cameras are equipped with advanced technologies such as Axis Zip stream and Axis Corridor Format. With these technologies, the M20 network cameras can keep the bandwidth and storage requirements low and image quality high. Not only that these cameras can cover wide area.

Some of the features:

  • Bullet style cameras
  • Outdoor-ready
  • Built-in IR illumination
  • HDTV quality images
  • Wide horizontal view for a wide coverage
  • Easy installation
  • Axis technologies like Zip stream and Corridor Format
  • Resistant to adverse weather conditions

These camera series are well-suitable for outdoor and indoor surveillance and it can be mounted walls, ceilings or in corners.

CCTV Solutions with CCTV Dubai

CCTV Dubai is the foremost CCTV solution provider in Dubai who has the capacity to deliver impeccable security solutions to industries of all sizes. Maintaining with the international standards and solutions, we at CCTV Dubai take pride in delivering all kinds of security solutions with the Axis M20 IP Camera series in Dubai UAE. Being a proud solution provider in Dubai, the service is available in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman. Once and for all, we are at your disposal for kind of security needs – if it for your business or homes. Get in touch with us for a detailed knowledge.

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Axis M2025-LE Dubai

AXIS M2025-LE IP Camera Dubai

AXIS M2025-LE IP Camera

Axis Cameras have a big role in the security surveillance systems. They take an active role in capturing images that can be well utilized to monitor and analyze what’s happening around. Now the cameras being introduced in the market are highly influential in meeting the expectations of customers.

Axis M2026-LE Dubai

AXIS M2026-LE IP Camera Dubai

AXIS M2026-LE IP Camera

The boom in IP security cameras is inspiring many business and homes to come up with the advanced video surveillance. With the advanced features and options, these security cameras take an active role in the overall surveillance.