AXIS M2025-LE IP Camera Dubai


AXIS M2025-LE IP Camera

Axis Cameras have a big role in the security surveillance systems. They take an active role in capturing images that can be well utilized to monitor and analyze what’s happening around. Now the cameras being introduced in the market are highly influential in meeting the expectations of customers.


The growing and diverse surveillance applications eventually paved way for the manufacturers to come up with the advanced security cameras. Axis M2025-LE is no exception. Belonging to the Axis M20 Network Camera series, Axis M2025-LE model incorporates state of the art features and options to propel the surveillance in an enhanced way. Axis M2025-LE is an excellent choice that delivers high-quality images even in the poorest lighting conditions. Comes with small and stylish looking bullet type, it wonders everyone with the initial, installation and operational costs. What more? It has built-in IR illumination, high definition 1080p video quality and lot more others features.

Look for some more exciting features:

  • Resistant to tough weather
  • Protects against sun and rain
  • Full surveillance with an 115-degree field of view
  • Built-in IR illumination
  • Outdoor-ready
  • Built with Axis ZIP stream technology
  • High definition of 1080p resolution
  • Support the storage for Micro SD/Micro SDHC cards
  • Support recording to edge storage
  • Provide 64-degree vertical field of view
  • Video analytics
  • Adjustable to varied mode image settings
  • Password protection, IP address filtering
  • Approved by the international standards
  • Wide dynamic range

What makes it surprising is that it is easy to handle, install and even cost efficient. The wide field of view make sure good coverage irrespective of the place where it has been mounted – outdoors or indoors, corners or walls. It offers extra guarded surveillance when it is fixed with a ceiling mount. Indeed with the security cameras constituting an integral system of surveillance, the video quality is a key factor in analyzing the situations and for which only the Axis cameras have been designed.

It is good to rely on a trusted CCTV solution provider if you have been determined to go for the Axis security cameras. Depending upon the situations, they help you to design and implement CCTV security with the Axis cameras. In a buzzing city like Dubai, bringing added security with the CCTV cameras is multi-beneficial. Besides providing security coverage to the premises and assets it is a worth in providing home security as well.

Years of experience in the domain of CCTV surveillance makes CCTV Dubai a perfect partner for your every surveillance need. Dedicated to providing flawless service to the various industries, we uniquely set out an implementation that meets complete security requirement of yours including the business security and home security. We are skilled in developing solutions, particularly with the Axis network cameras. CCTV Dubai is the primary CCTV solution provider in Dubai who has the capacity to deal industries of all sizes. Maintaining with the international standards and solutions, we at CCTV Dubai take pride in delivering varied solutions with the Axis M20 IP Camera series in Dubai UAE. Being a proud provider in Dubai, the service is available in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman. Once and for all, we are at your disposal for every kind of security needs – if it for your business or homes. Get in touch with us for a detailed understanding.


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