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axis m1004-w dubai

AXIS M1004-W IP Camera Dubai

AXIS M1004-W Network Camera

Axis M1004-W IP camera is specially designed for securing locations such as hotels, restaurants, residence and small businesses. With the help, of progressive scan technology Axis M1004-W is capable of delivering superior video quality in its class 30 fps in 1 megapixel or HDTV 720p Resolution.

axis m1013 dubai

AXIS M1013 IP Camera Dubai

AXIS M1013 Network Camera

AXIS M1013 IP camera is well-optimized for implementing in locations such as small businesses, hotels, restaurants and residences. Axis M1013 Fixed IP camera offers a cost-effective IP-based surveillance solution for indoor security needs. With the help of functional fixed network design and progressive scan technology, Axis M1013 produces superior video quality in its class at 30 fps in SVGA resolution. AXIS M1013 supports edge storage, with support for storage on Network-Attached Storage (NAS) and microSD cards.

axis m1014 dubai

AXIS M1014 IP Camera Dubai

AXIS M1014 Network Camera

Axis is proven their excellence in manufacturing high-quality CCTV Cameras as well as NVRs within this period of time. They are also best in manufacturing Smallest HDTV network camera with edge storage which makes it possible to store the recorded video on a microSD card or Network-Attached Storage (NAS). Axis M1014 is made with video intelligence including video motion detection and active tampering alarm along with edge storage functionality.

axis m1025 dubai

AXIS M1025 IP Camera Dubai

AXIS M1025 IP Camera

Axis M1025 is a small and functional fixed IP camera which is perfect for monitoring small businesses, restaurants, hotels and residences. With the help of progressive scan technology Axis M1025 Provides superior quality video in 1080p or 2-megapixel resolution in full frame rate. It is empowered with H.264 and Motion JPEG compression technologies that is capable to optimize the quality and bandwidth according to needs and constraints. As this camera features an HDMI output (micro), live videos can be viewed on a public screen at HDTV 720p resolution in a wide horizontal field of view of 94 degrees.

axis m1034-w dubai

AXIS M1034-W IP Camera Dubai

AXIS M1034-W IP Camera

Axis M1034-W IP camera is one of the smallest and smartest wireless HDTV fixed IP camera available on market today. This Axis M1034 camera comes with two-way audio communication capability with the help of an integrated microphone and speaker. This feature enables the user to remote listening of the audio as well as communication with people directly or by means of recorded audio clips.

axis m1054 dubai

AXIS M1054 IP Camera Dubai

AXIS M1054 IP Camera

Axis M1054 IP Camera is one of the best Fixed IP camera in Axis M10 Series. This camera uses progressive scan technology to provide full frame rate video resolution including HDTV 720p up to 1 Megapixel. It is capable of providing simultaneous or individually configurable video streams in Motion JPEG as well as H.264. The H.264 video compression method provides the best video quality in its class and the most effective bandwidth.


axis m1065-l dubai

AXIS M1065-L IP Camera Dubai

AXIS M1065-L IP Camera

Axis M1065-L is well-suited for boutiques, offices, residents and other smaller businesses. This is a perfect plug and play video surveillance solution to meet your requirements. CCTV camera installation can never be easier than installing the systems with Axis M1065-L fixed IP camera.

axis m1124 dubai

AXIS M1124 IP Cameras Dubai

AXIS M1124 IP Cameras

Axis M112 is a professional but affordable fixed IP camera that can be used for wide range of security surveillance applications. This is not limited to any special locations. You can implement this camera in retail shops, banks, Libraries, office building and many more places. Don’t even think about buying different cameras for your indoor and outdoor surveillance needs as this Axis M1124 offers support for indoor and outdoor video surveillance requirements.

axis m1124-e dubai

AXIS M1124-E IP Cameras Dubai

AXIS M1124-E IP Camera

Axis M1124-E fixed IP cameras are specially designed for around the clock outdoor surveillance needs. This is one of the affordable fixed IP camera listed under Axis M11 network camera series. This camera is enriched with lots of unique features developed by Axis Communications.

axis m1125 dubai

AXIS M1125 IP Camera Dubai

AXIS M1125 IP Camera

Axis M1125 is a professional and affordable fixed IP camera ideal for a wide range of security surveillance applications, such as for retail, banking, libraries, schools, office buildings and industrial areas.

axis m1125-e dubai

AXIS M1125-E IP Camera Dubai

AXIS M1125-E IP Camera

Axis M1125-E is an outdoor-ready surveillance IP camera with WDR forensic capture capability. this will be a great addition to your security surveillance system for almost any kind of environment.

axis m1145-l dubai

AXIS M1145-L IP Camera Dubai

AXIS M1145-L IP Camera

Axis M1145-L fixed IP camera delivers superior quality images with the help of P-Iris, Iris control technology. This precise iris control is developed by Axis communications to deliver crisp, High-resolution images in all lighting conditions.

Axis M2025-LE Dubai

AXIS M2025-LE IP Camera Dubai

AXIS M2025-LE IP Camera

Axis Cameras have a big role in the security surveillance systems. They take an active role in capturing images that can be well utilized to monitor and analyze what’s happening around. Now the cameras being introduced in the market are highly influential in meeting the expectations of customers.

Axis M2026-LE Dubai

AXIS M2026-LE IP Camera Dubai

AXIS M2026-LE IP Camera

The boom in IP security cameras is inspiring many business and homes to come up with the advanced video surveillance. With the advanced features and options, these security cameras take an active role in the overall surveillance.

axis p1405-le mk ii dubai

AXIS P1405-LE Mk II IP Camera Dubai

AXIS P1405-LE Mk II Network Camera

This Axis P1405-LE Mk II bullet-style camera delivers superior quality images in HDTV 1080p resolution at up to 25/30 fps. This camera is specially designed for outdoor surveillance and designed with an operating temperature between -10 Degree Celsius to 50 Degree Celsius.