AXIS M1004-W IP Camera Dubai


AXIS M1004-W Network Camera

Axis M1004-W IP camera is specially designed for securing locations such as hotels, restaurants, residence and small businesses. With the help, of progressive scan technology Axis M1004-W is capable of delivering superior video quality in its class 30 fps in 1 megapixel or HDTV 720p Resolution.


Axis Communications are one of the market leaders in IP CCTV Systems. AXIS M1004–W Fixed IP Camera will be a great addition to the security enhancement in your organization as well as home.Axis M1004-W offers the choice of either a wireless or a wired connection to the network. It also supports edge storage such as Network-Attached Storage(NAS) for recording high-quality videos. The support for 802.11 b/g/n wireless standard and the WPS protocol assures high network security with the same HDTV 720p Quality Streaming video. With its Video Intelligence Axis M1004-W is good with video motion detection and active tampering alarm.

Check out some of the cool features of Axis M1004-W:

  • HDTV 720p/1MP quality
  • 1MP Progressive Scan RGB CMOS Sensor
  • Support both Wi-Fi and Wired Ethernet Connectivity
  • Input/output ports
  • Support for Recording to NAS Systems
  • Multiple H.264 video streams
  • Easy and flexible installation

AXIS M1004-W Support AXIS Video Hosting System with oneclick camera connection which makes the cameras ideal for hosted video solution. As this IP camera comes with I/O port (1 input and 1 output) for connecting devices such as external relays and other sensors, it is possible to have more control on the lights. AXIS M1004-W in Dubai can be used for indoor wireless/wired surveillance systems where budget and flexibility are key factors. This IP camera is featured with Wi-Fi Protected Setup protocol that makes the configuration of logical security on a wireless network much easier. This can save more time of the technicians, that can be used to implement the entire wireless security system much faster where it is not possible to use Ethernet cables.

Axis CCTV is a Swedish based company, accepted as the global leader in manufacturing complete CCTV solutions including IP cameras, Network video recorders, video servers and a lot more. Axis CCTV products and solutions are extremely focused on security surveillance solutions including remote monitoring and they are based on innovative open technology platforms. AXIS M10 series smart IP cameras, great for video security surveillance in locations like small enterprises,retail shops, restaurants, hotels as well as houses. These cameras provide you with the best image quality in its class. Axis CCTV solutions can be used for a number of video monitoring tasks Despite your industry. For people who is specifically in search for the areas that they can use these Axis IP cameras here are a few: Health, Transport, Education, Retail, Banking, Hospitals and Industrial Areas. Regardless of whether the system is used for video surveillance of multiple units or thousands of Axis cameras, its installation and modernization can be completed in the least amount of time with minimal financial costs. Moreover, all the CCTV cameras are manufactured using powerful hardware platform, including proprietary processor ARTPEC, and delivering high-quality images.

CCTV Dubai supplies a wide range of Axis network cameras for your videos surveillance needs. These cameras have the capability to fulfill any type of security surveillance needs of small stores to industrial enterprises. Axis CCTV cameras are fully effective at providing clear vision even during difficult lighting conditions. They also equipped with some cool features like video motion detection along with audio detection and tampering alarm functionality. Some of this models let you communicate with the visitor or intruder by making use of inbuilt microphone and speaker. Axis is competent in manufacturing varied types of IP cameras including Fixed network cameras, Fixed Dome IP cameras, Modular IP Cameras, Onboard IP Cameras PTZ IP Cameras, Panoramic IP Cameras, Thermal IP Cameras and Explosion-protected Cameras.

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