AXIS Q1615 MK II IP Camera Dubai


AXIS Q1615 MK II Network Camera

Axis Q1615 Mk II is world’s first network camera with i-CS lens. This camera is featured with all the latest technologies invented by Axis Communications. It supports Lightfinder, Zipstream and WDR – Forensic Capture technologies to deliver high-quality images.



Rising threats prompt entrepreneurs and homeowners to increase security measures with CCTV security. The business finds it worth investing in this advanced security form since it is intended to keep the premises, employees and business safe from the possible threats such as the crimes, thefts and other challenges. And for the security reasons, it’s become somewhat that the business and homes be monitored throughout the day and night. Either to keep a watch on the environment or to protect your dearest ones, CCTV security is the best measure you can rely on.

Choosing best security systems is important. Axis communications is known to be the leader in the CCTV technology. The product line they introduce is capable to meet any surveillance need that is manufactured in the best interests of the industry. Axis Q1615 MK II is the kind that is designed to capture the specific scenes and you have more good reasons to buy this camera.

  • Equipped with the intelligent i-CS lens, Axis Q1615 MK II is the finest camera available in the world today. Its ability to capture the fast moving objects even in the worst lighting conditions make it better for indoor surveillance. The highlight is that you can customize your surveillance to the needs of the scene.
  • It’s easier to install. The latest lens technology facilitates the exchange of information between the lens and camera in a faster way. Remote zooming is possible in this camera.
  • What’s more with this camera? This camera delivers three scene profiles for the varied purpose – forensic profile, live profile and traffic overview profile. It is the fastest segment in the series and it can produce the images of 720p with 100 to 120 frame per seconds and 1080P images with 50 to 60 Fps. With this high-quality resolution, you can get the crystal clear images.
  • Lightfinder technology allows the camera to capture quality images even in dark conditions. Excellent detail picture with the WDR – forensic capture and reduced bandwidth with Axis Zipstream technology.

Other important features:

  • World’s first i-CS lens
  • Option to select scene profiles for varied purposes
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • Autofocus
  • Barrel distortion correction
  • Very suitable for airports, railway stations and other industries
  • Capture perfect images of fast moving objects
  • Axis Zipstream technology
  • Improved lightfinder technology
  • Easy to install

Total security with the Axis Q1615 MK II network camera definitely is a good option if you are looking for discreet surveillance. CCTV Dubai has years of experience to delivering refined CCTV security approaches to the industries of any size.  Moreover, we are excellent in planning security with Axis range of IP cameras.

Our ability to deliver perfect solutions to the various industrial domains made us the best CCTV provider in Dubai, UAE. Getting the security done with the Axis Q1615 MK II IP camera is extremely worth to your critical surveillance applications. Our service is concentrated in other emirates as well including Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Ajman. Our precise approach with Axis cameras gives you an opportunity to experience productivity, profitability and greatly the peace of mind.

If you feel to know much on what CCTV means for you, either for commercial or residential purpose, get in touch with us.


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