AXIS Q1615 IP Camera Dubai


AXIS Q1615 Network Camera

Axis Q1615 is a 2-Megapixel network camera built with Shock detection and Electronic Image Stabilization.It delivers high-quality images with a resolution of 1080p at 60 fps. With the help of WDR- Forensic Capture technology, It is able to output superior quality images even in complex lighting conditions.


Security matters most. It is vital in all facets of an organization. Negligence of proper security measures may lead to devastating results that can be a huge loss to the business or homes. Most business now depends CCTV to secure the company against external and internal threats. It is now critical to come with the advanced security cameras and systems.

If you have been decided to implement with CCTV security, be sure to get the system installed with the latest Axis security cameras.

Due to its advanced options, the range of Axis cameras can be utilized for various external and internal surveillance needs. Axis Q1615 Network Camera is the type that is widely used for very sensitive surveillance.

Why Axis IP cameras are so powerful?

  • Axis WDR -forensic capture optimizes video for forensic purposes. It enables the light and bright areas of the image to be extremely viewable. The feature of forensic capture is powered with the advanced algorithms allowing to get the optimized videos.
  • Axis’ zipstream technology extremely reduces the bandwidth and storage by optimizing video stream in real time while maintaining image quality.
  • Electronic image stabilization feature allows the camera to produce steady videos, doesn’t matter if your camera is subject to vibration. So in the higher vibration scenarios, Axis Q1615 IP Camera can deliver a smoother and clear picture.
  • As in the previous camera features, Axis Q1615 is easy to install and mount. The leveling assistance guide allows the cameras to be installed properly to the correct levels ensuring perfect capturing of the images.
  • To resist any vandal attempts the cameras are protected with the shock protection.

Simply consider other features as well:

  • Provide quality videos in high definition (HDTV 1080p) at 60 frames per seconds
  • WDR – forensic capture and light finder
  • Auto rotation functionality to get the correct orientation of the picture
  • Supports focus assistant, remote back focus and the pixel counter
  • Axis ZIP stream technology drastically reduce the bandwidth usage
  • Electronic image stabilization

Equip with proper security measure is vital for your business and residence in Dubai. When you deploy a system with Axis camera the surveillance results can be even more powerful.

Total security with the Axis Q1615 Network Camera definitely is a good choice to prevent any illegal attempts or entries. In addition to providing security, it strengthens employee functioning at the same time. CCTV Dubai has years of experience to delivering sophisticated CCTV security approaches to the industries of any size.  Moreover, we are excellent in planning security with Axis range of IP cameras.

Our ability to deliver perfect solutions to the various industrial domains made us the best CCTV provider in Dubai, UAE. Making security with the Axis Q1615 IP camera is really a worth to your business and residences. The area of service is concentrated in other emirates as well including Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Ajman. Our precise approach with Axis cameras gives you an opportunity to explore productivity, profitability and obviously peace of mind.

If you feel to know much on what CCTV means for you, either for a commercial or residential purpose, get in touch with us.


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