AXIS Q1615-E IP Camera Dubai


AXIS Q1615-E Network Camera

The Axis Q1615-E is an outdoor-ready IP camera developed by Axis communications. This camera is featured with Lightfinder & WDR-Forensic Capture technologies, which makes it possible to deliver quality images with high details even in difficult lighting conditions. This camera viable choice for your surveillance needs.



Does your business or homes need a strong security with CCTV?

There is no use in denying it – CCTV is an important component in the success of a business. It gives you a proper security coverage against any potential internal and external threats. Moreover, CCTV is beneficial in improving the employee productivity too. The challenge is that most of us have no idea what kind of systems takes to make the security work for the business. Here comes the importance of Axis security cameras.

Axis communications is a leading manufacturer of world class network cameras for the physical security and the video surveillance industries. Axis IP cameras are known for its advanced features and options due to which it can be used for diverse surveillance applications. For example; Axis Q16 series IP cameras have been designed to meet both the indoor and outdoor surveillance in an effective way.

Axis Q1615-E IP camera has astonishing features that make it possible for surveillance even in difficult climatic conditions.

  • This IP66 and NEMA 4X rated camera offers strong casing to protect from any vandalism, dust, rain, sun and snow. The biggest gain is that it can function in the extreme cool condition i.e. in the temperature from -40 degree to 60-degree. Not only has that in the case of any power failure “Axis Arctic temperature” power up automatically in that temperature. Required heating will be powered by the heaters attached to the camera.
  • Axis Zip stream technology lowers the bandwidth and storage requirements in a great way. This technology optimizes and analyzes the video streams in real-time to save the bandwidth and storage while maintaining the image quality.
  • What more? Electronic image stabilization technology allows the camera to take steady images in the situations where the camera is subject to vibrations. This effect results in smoother and clear images.
  • This camera includes new advanced features to help installers to mount the camera. Auto rotation feature helps the get the right orientation of the image. Shock detection sent an alarm during an attempt for vandalism. With the Power over Ethernet (PoE) just one cable is required for the installation.

The other highlights that are to be considered:

  • Outdoor-ready camera with Arctic temperature control
  • High-quality images with the resolution of 1080p
  • Axis zip stream technology to reduce the bandwidth and storage requirements
  • Electronic image stabilization for steady images
  • Shock detection
  • Auto rotation functionality
  • WDR – forensic capture
  • Light finder technology

Security solutions with the Axis Q1615-E IP camera definitely is a good option if you are looking for surveillance, particularly in the outdoor areas. CCTV Dubai is excellent to deliver advanced CCTV security methodologies to the business of any size.  Moreover, we are adept at planning security with Axis range of IP cameras.

Our capability to offer perfect solutions to the various industrial domains made us the best CCTV provider in Dubai, UAE. Getting the security done with the Axis Q1615-E Network camera is extremely worth to the industrial and city surveillance applications. Our service is concentrated in other emirates as well including Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Ajman. Our standard approach with Axis cameras gives you an opportunity to experience the taste of productivity, profitability and greatly the peace of mind.

If you feel to know much on what CCTV means for you, either for commercial or residential purpose, get in touch with us.


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