AXIS Q1615-E Mk II IP Camera Dubai


AXIS Q1615-E Mk II Network Camera

The Axis Q1615-E Mk II IP Camera is the world’s first outdoor-ready IP camera with an intelligent i-CS lens technology. It is designed to deliver high-quality video streams of fast-moving objects even in complex lighting conditions.



Many feel that taking a strategic security approach is critical in this age of the unsecured world. If it’s for the business or homes, developing a safety measure with CCTV security is beneficial. Besides providing a constant watch on the activities, CCTV surprisingly is a great productivity tool too. It keeps you focused and helps your business to take important decisions. The challenge lies in choosing the right CCTV cameras and systems for your purpose.

In today’s unsecured environment the surveillance needs to be even more powerful and it requires highly advanced cameras. There come the importance of Axis IP cameras come into play. Axis communications is a leading company specialized in the production of advanced IP cameras designed to satisfy various surveillance applications. Axis Q1615-E Mk II Network camera is a kind that has the capability to deliver perfect outdoor surveillance in diverse situations.

What makes Axis Q1615-E Mk II IP camera special?

The world’s first outdoor camera equipped with a smart i-CS lens. It has the capability to capture fast moving objects in superior quality even under poor lighting conditions. Plus the option of three scene profiles (forensic profile, live profile and Traffic profile views) make it worth for particular scenes. Due to which it finds its best use in Airports, Railway stations and other critical city security applications.

Finally, a camera that takes high-quality images of fast-moving objects and people.

The ability to capture images with the frame rate of 100 to 120 frames per second in High definition of 720 resolution and up to 50 to 60 fps in HDTV 1080p resolution make it really worth for the surveillance. Arctic Temperature control facility allows the camera to function safe in the temperature of -40-degree centigrade and 60-degree centigrade even after a power break.

It’s easy to install…

With the first i-CS technology, the installation is simple and is easy to make any adjustments and it allows for the information to be exchanged between the lens and camera. Electronic image stabilization enables the camera to take the steady images while the camera is subject to vibration. With the remote adjustment of the zoom and auto focus feature Axis Q1615-E Mk II is a wonderful choice.

Offering three scene profiles for varied surveillance needs

The three scene profile including the forensic profile, live profile and traffic overview profile offers a great surveillance option for the specific scenarios. The forensic profile is used for capturing the details in general surveillance and live profile for varied colors and contrast. The traffic overview profile is particularly optimized for traffic surveillance.

Just consider some other important features:

  • Light finder technology – to capture high-quality pictures in low light conditions
  • WDR – Forensic capture allows for the detailed capturing in both the darker and bright areas.
  • Axis Zipstream technology – allows for better bandwidth utilization and low storage usage
  • World’s first i-CS lens for superior capturing of fast moving objects
  • Good working condition even in -40 to 60-degree centigrade.

Security with Axis Q1615-E Mk II outdoor-ready IP camera is a good solution if you are looking for surveillance in the low light and in varied climatic conditions. In a city like Dubai, security is a concern and to come with the advanced security options is a necessity. CCTV Dubai is an experienced CCTV provider in Dubai who is capable in providing any kind of surveillance with Axis IP cameras as per your needs. Outdoor surveillance requires an advanced outdoor-ready cameras and Axis Q1615-E Mk II is a good option to consider for.

We are functioning in the regions of Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Ajman. As a trusted and reliable CCTV provider we assure a perfect security solution with Axis IP cameras.

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