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Axis Q1635-E Network Camera

Axis Q1635-E Network camera is a perfect outdoor-ready security camera that is used for extreme surveillance. It can operate in the cold temperature of -40-degree centigrade. The advanced features like the Arctic temperature control, image stabilization technology, Axis’ zipstream technology and other advanced options make this camera a real worth to your surveillance need.



CCTV is an enhanced security measure that helps you get protected from the potential risks. It can give business the opportunity to increase employee productivity even. In most scenarios, the security strategy focuses on improving the situations and to defend the rising risks. Creating such a security measure that tailors to your surveillance need is important as far as the business is concerned. In the CCTV systems, security cameras have a crucial role in bringing the surveillance more proactive and lively. Axis Q1635-E Network camera do the job for you.

When it comes to the image quality and performance, Axis IP cameras are the best in the world. Axis is a well-known leader engaged in the manufacturing of highly featured IP cameras and systems. Highly recognized for its performance, the Axis IP cameras are good to use in any kind of surveillance – both the indoor and outdoor. The axis cameras are truly world class that are extremely affordable, flexible and dependable. With the high-quality features and functionalities, the cameras that come under Q16 series are surprisingly worth to the outdoor surveillance.

What are the prominent features that make this IP camera so powerful?

Ability to function in the cool temperature

Axis Q1635-E Network camera is able to function even in the extremely cool climatic conditions i.e. at the temperature of -40 degree Centigrade. The strong protection covering and the sunshield is enough to protect the camera from any damage, rain, dust, sun and snow. This camera is IP66-and NEMA 4X-rated.

Powerful technology

Axis arctic temperature technology allows the camera to function even after a power failure in the -40 degree centigrade temperature. Multiple heaters present in the camera ensure proper heating for the camera to function in the low temperature.

Steady image

In the situations where the camera is subject to vibrations the electronic image stabilization technology makes it possible for the camera to capture steady images. However in the same like situations, without electronic image stabilization, it would be difficult to view the image.

Easy to install

Like in the previous Q16 series the Axis Q1635-E IP camera is easy to install and mount. The levelling assistance helps the camera to be positioned perfectly with a perfect image delivery. This outdoor-ready supports PoE which enables the camera to be connected by a one-cable.

Lesser bandwidth and storage

Axis Zipstream technology decreases the bandwidth usage and storage requirements in a greater scale. This technology optimizes and analyzes the videos in real-time while maintaining the quality of the image.

Features in a nutshell.

  • Outdoor-ready with arctic temperature control
  • High definition images with 1080p resolution
  • WDR – forensic capture and lightfinder
  • Axis Zipstream technology
  • Electronic image stabilization

CCTV Dubai, your reliable CCTV provider in UAE

For these reasons, getting the security system done with Axis Q1635-E Network Camera is a good choice if you are looking for versatile surveillance for both the indoor and outdoor applications.

In a city like Dubai, security is a concern and to come with latest security options is a necessity. CCTV Dubai is an experienced CCTV provider in Dubai who has the influence to deliver any kind of security surveillance with Axis IP cameras (Axis Q1635-E IP camera) as per your needs. Our service is available in the emirates of Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Ajman. And as a trusted and reliable CCTV provider, we at CCTV promise a perfect security solution with Axis IP cameras.

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