AXIS M1125-E IP Camera Dubai


AXIS M1125-E IP Camera

Axis M1125-E is an outdoor-ready surveillance IP camera with WDR forensic capture capability. this will be a great addition to your security surveillance system for almost any kind of environment.


Axis offers professional quality in all their cameras. The latest innovations in this security surveillance industry make Axis communications an unsurpassed brand. This IP camera is equipped with their zipstream technology. Advancement in their IP cameras with this latest technology makes it possible to reduce the bandwidth and storage usage by compressing the image output from the camera. In normal cases, while we compress the data, its quality deteriorates. But with Axis’ zipstream technology it is possible to preserve forensic details such as quality of faces, tattoos, license plates and much more. The latest enhancement in this technology enables zipstream automatically adapted to PTZ camera movements.

Here are some features of AXIS M1125-E fixed IP Camera:

  • Deliver HDTV 1080p in 25/30 fps
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) – Forensic Capture Capability
  • Security: Password protection, IP address filtering and HTTPS encryption
  • Zipstream technology developed by Axis Communications
  • Support for microSD card
  • Support for recording to dedicated NAS (network-attached storage)
  • Power Supply: 8-28 V DC or Power over Ethernet (PoE) IEEE 802.3af Class 2, max 5.0 W, typical 3.6 W
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM, 256 MB Flash
  • Outdoor-ready Camera with IK10, IP66 and NEMA 4X

Axis communications is the pioneer in developing network video cameras. They are always inventing latest technologies to make it more beneficial to the user. WDR (Wide dynamic range) is another technology that implemented on their cameras. WDR technology can be helpful where the camera facing complex lighting conditions. In WDR the camera captures multiple images in a rapid sequence using different exposure levels for each image. After that these images are combined to a composite, the resultant image will retain the dark and light spots from those multiple images.

The AXIS M1125-E Network camera comes with WDR – Forensic Capture technology, which is more efficient than the normal WDR. When comparing to other available WDR technologies WDR-forensic capture method makes it easier to identify important details in images. As you can see there are so many features available on these cameras. It is often difficult for a common user to identify the best security camera for his requirement.

CCTV Dubai has been serving a wide range of satisfied customers from varied industries for many years. With this experience, we are capable to suggest the best surveillance system that can meet your requirement. Axis itself has different kinds of network cameras such as Fixed network cameras, Fixed Dome network cameras, Modular Cameras, Onboard Network Cameras, PTZ IP Cameras, Thermal Network Cameras, Panoramic IP Cameras and Explosion-protected IP Cameras.

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