AXIS Q1614-E IP Camera Dubai


AXIS Q1614-E Network Camera

AXIS Q1614-E is an outstanding Outdoor-ready network with Arctic Temperature Control. Innovative installation features make it possible to install the camera much easier.



Now these days many businesses are much concerned about the security. A better solution other than the conventional measure for the security is the CCTV cameras. CCTV definitely is an advanced solution that gives a good view of the activities where the security cameras can monitor continuously and can record the events too. As the technology has progressed much, you have the options of diverse security cameras that are capable to meet the various surveillance needs. With the wide choice of options, choosing the best cameras can be daunting.

Axis cameras are best known in the industry for its features and functionalities. Amongst the range of Axis fixed cameras Axis Q1614-E stand out as the best outdoor-ready camera in the segment. You have reasons to pick this Axis Q1614-E IP camera for the external surveillance.

  • Powered with “Arctic temperature control” this camera comes with the strong aluminum casing to protect it from dust, rain, sun and snow. It does function in the temperature from -40 degree to -50 degree and has the capacity to power up at that temperature following a power failure.
  • Other highlight of Axis Q1614-E is its innovative installation features. With this, it is easy to mount the camera in the desired locations. The leveling assistance guide allows the cameras to be installed properly to the correct levels ensuring perfect capturing of the images.
  • PoE support one cable installation and to facilitate the installation, it is provided with a sun shield and wall bracket. The cables are vandal protected, hence you do not need to worry of the cable protection.
  • This camera provides intelligent videos in the fast paced environments and with the faster frame rate, it is very easy to identify the incidents accurately. The video quality is 720 P resolution.

The features in a nutshell.

  • Outdoor-ready camera
  • Arctic temperature control makes this camera to function even in low temperatures
  • Lightfinder technology allows it to capture in poor lighting conditions.
  • Innovative installation features
  • Auto rotation capability flips the image to the right alignment.
  • Protected with the shock detection
  • High video quality
  • Support Focus assistant and remote back focus facility

To come with proper security measure is vital for the business and residence in Dubai. When you deploy a system with Axis camera the surveillance results can be even more powerful.

Complete security solution with the Axis Q1614-E Network Camera definitely is a good choice to thwart any illegal attempts or entries. Apart from providing security, it boosts employee performance as well. CCTV Dubai has years of experience to providing advanced CCTV security solutions to the industries of all sizes. Moreover, we are excellent in delivering solutions with Axis range of IP cameras.

Having the experience to develop solutions from the scratch i.e. from the designing to implementation, to the various industrial domains made us the best CCTV provider in Dubai, UAE. With security in mind, getting the surveillance with the Axis Q1614-E Network camera is really a worth to your business and residences. The area of service is focused in other emirates including Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Ajman. Our accurate approach with Axis cameras gives you an opportunity to feel the taste of productivity, profitability and obviously peace of mind.

If you feel to know much on what CCTV means for you, either for a commercial or residential purpose, get in touch with us.


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