AXIS Q1765-LE IP Camera Dubai


AXIS Q1765-LE IP Camera

The Axis Q1765-LE IP camera is a slim bullet-style camera designed for outdoor surveillance needs. This camera delivers images at HDTV 1080p Resolution at up to 25/30 fps. Support for Axis’ unique corridor format makes it more efficient in capturing images of narrow areas.


Network cameras made by AXIS is competent in delivering high-quality video surveillance. This makes Axis communications the global leader in the surveillance camera industry. Axis Q1765-LE network camera designed with 18x optical zoom and autofocus functionality. This helps this camera to capture the details from a long distance. This camera is equipped with Inbuilt IR Illumination technology functioned by four auto adjusting and power-efficient LEDs.

Here are some features of Axis Q1765-LE: 

  • Delivers high-quality images at 1920×1080 resolution at up to 25/30 fps
  • Support 18x optical zoom and autofocus
  • Progressive scan
  • In-built IR illumination with 4 auto adjusting LEDs
  • Day and night camera with Automatically removable infrared-cut filter in day mode & infrared-pass filter 720 nm in night mode
  • WDR – Dynamic Contrast developed to auto correct darkest and brightest area in an image
  • Support Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Two-way Audio Support: Make use of the audio input/output to connect external microphone/speaker to make two-way communication possible.
  • Support Edge Storage
    • Use MicroSD card for Local Storage
    • Support recordings to dedicated NAS (Network-Attached Storage)
  • Protective casing: IP66- and NEMA 4X-rated, impact-resistant aluminum enclosure with integrated dehumidifying membrane
  • Support Axis’ Corridor Format
  • bullet-style design

With all these features, Axis Q1765-LE can meet almost all of your outdoor video surveillance requirements.

Why choose Axis Communications?

Axis communication is a well-established Security products manufacturer based out of Sweden. They invented the world’s first IP camera. It was a milestone in the video security surveillance industry. It is obvious that they are the leaders in IP camera manufacturing till date. They have different series of cameras that specifically made for certain purposes. Cameras that belongs to this Q17 network camera series are specially made for outdoor surveillance needs.  They work flawlessly in monitoring areas like airports, railway stations, streets and casinos.

Axis is always delivering innovative technology to the users through their surveillance products. We can see that they have earned so many patents with respect to security surveillance technology. This proves their eagerness to learn more on what can they do in this industry. Reliability and scalability is two major things that should be considered while planning for a CCTV Surveillance system. We can bet you that Axis products provide both. Are you curious about what else Axis cameras can be used for? Contact Us Now!!!

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