AXIS Q17 Network Camera Series

Security cameras are the cornerstone of any CCTV surveillance system. Now the systems come in many types and have seemingly many advanced options. With many systems available, deciding the one that chooses your security need is overwhelming. The cameras have a deciding role in the surveillance, so it is important to pick the ones that deliver great performance in capturing images against various conditions. The security solution is complete with the high-quality cameras.

Axis – the leader in CCTV technology

Axis has the legacy in developing and delivering state of the art security solution to the various security surveillance necessity. For example; the Axis Fixed IP cameras can be the effective systems for both the outdoor and indoor surveillance applications – it comes with the advanced features making it ideal for all kinds of environments. Due to its advanced functionalities only, these cameras are the promising options for most CCTV providers in Dubai. The Axis Fixed IP Cameras consists of the Axis M10, Axis M20, Axis P14, Axis Q17, Axis M11, Axis P13, Axis Q16, Axis Q8414-LVS network camera series.

Here are the best of Axis Q17 IP camera series

When it comes to the professional market demands, no other models comes better than the Axis Q17 network camera series. These day and night HDTV cameras are perfect for guarding areas such as the streets, casinos, intersections, railway stations etc… it provides reliable surveillance with high-quality identification.

Good for indoor and outdoor surveillance applications

These cameras deliver improved video motion detection, active tampering alarm, audio detection and gatekeeper functionality. The outdoor-ready models are IP66 rated and features such as the arctic temperature control.

Axis Q17 IP cameras – The features:

  • HDTV Image quality
  • Zoom and autofocus
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Two-way Audio
  • Optical Zoom
  • Intelligent video capabilities

Avail the systems with the best CCTV solution provider in Dubai

CCTV Dubai has the reputation as the pioneer in the domain of CCTV surveillance across UAE. We have been blessed with all the resources that are capable to delivers flawless solutions to the industries of wide verticals. We take great care to bring the latest in the systems and as such we depends upon branded CCTV cameras and systems such as the AXIS security cameras. If you are looking out for the solutions that truly keep your business and homes under tight vigil, it is good to trust CCTV Dubai – your partner for total security solutions in Dubai. Not in Dubai, we have service in other emirates as well including Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman.

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AXIS Q1765-LE Dubai

AXIS Q1765-LE IP Camera Dubai

AXIS Q1765-LE IP Camera

The Axis Q1765-LE IP camera is a slim bullet-style camera designed for outdoor surveillance needs. This camera delivers images at HDTV 1080p Resolution at up to 25/30 fps. Support for Axis’ unique corridor format makes it more efficient in capturing images of narrow areas.

Axis Q1765-LE PT Mount

Axis Q1765-LE PT Mount IP Camera Dubai

Axis Q1765-LE PT Mount Network Camera

AXIS Q1765-LE PT Mount IP camera designed with 18x optical zoom and autofocus features to capture quality images from long distances. This camera comes with Axis’ Corridor Technology which makes it possible to capture narrow area more efficiently.


AXIS Q1775 Dubai

AXIS Q1775 IP Camera Dubai

AXIS Q1775 Network Camera

The Axis Q1775 is a flexible day & night fixed IP Camera designed for indoor surveillance needs. This camera comes with intelligent video capabilities and CD-quality audio in 48kHz. It supports a serial connector for installation on a pan-tilt motor.

Axis Q1775-E Dubai

Axis Q1775-E IP Camera Dubai

Axis Q1775-E Network Camera

Axis Q1775-E Network camera is an outdoor-ready day/night camera that provides high clarity images for identification. It can provide the detailed view of images in perfect focus with the 10X optical Zoom and 12X digital zoom. Along with the intelligent features, it has the gatekeeper functionality that zoom automatically when detects any activity in the scene.