Axis Q1775-E IP Camera Dubai


Axis Q1775-E Network Camera

Axis Q1775-E Network camera is an outdoor-ready day/night camera that provides high clarity images for identification. It can provide the detailed view of images in perfect focus with the 10X optical Zoom and 12X digital zoom. Along with the intelligent features, it has the gatekeeper functionality that zoom automatically when detects any activity in the scene.


Axis security cameras have been proven to be a greater tool for all kinds of security surveillance. While setting up security, getting your surveillance up and running with the Axis Q1775-E Network camera is beneficial in many ways. Being as a great surveillance tool, it enhances employee productivity as well. In a complex business environment, it’s a necessity to increase security with the right kind of CCTC systems. Axis communications is proved to be the veteran in the domain of CCTV technology. The company introduces a wide range of cameras that can be best utilized for various applications for both the indoor and outdoor surveillance needs.

Versatile outdoor-ready day/night camera for greater surveillance

For the surveillance that requires outdoor-ready day and night camera that cover long distance then Axis Q1775-E Network camera is a perfect option. It provides both wide overviews and in-depth images for analysis and identification.

Along with the compatible accessories, Axis Q1775-E IP camera is intended for monitoring entrances, in and out of the premises, monitoring of parking lots and other city surveillances. This camera offers high-quality video images from tunnels, highways, bridges and roads where it can be used to evoke immediate responses. What else? It can even help to locate, identify and detect illegal entrants at gates and other premises of your buildings.

Excellent video images with high clarity

With the 10X optical Zoom and 12X digital zoom it delivers the desired field of view in ideal focus. Advanced image processing feature provides video with outstanding sharpness and clarity. The microphone and speaker together provide quality audio. It supports both H.264 and Motion JPEG streams in full frame rate. The day and night functionality allows the camera to even capture the moving objects in the poorest lighting conditions without blur.

Axis Q1775-E Network camera has been designed in accord with the standard of SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers). The camera produces a high resolution of 1080p at the full frame rate of 50 to 60 frames per second.

Intelligent functionalities

Axis Q1775-E Network camera has the video intelligence feature including the increased video motion detection and active tampering alarm. Besides these it has the gatekeeper functionality which automatically zooms in when it detects any activity in the scene. The camera can even function in the extreme cool conditions i.e. in the temperature of -40 degree.

Other prominent features:

  • High definition of 1080p resolution images
  • Autofocus with Optical and digital zoom
  • WDR – Dynamic capture
  • Outstanding image quality in all lighting conditions
  • IP66 and NEMA 4X rated
  • Open API for software integration
  • Various video analytics features
  • Secure protection with password and IP address filtering

Development of security solution with Axis Q1775-E Network camera does create productivity and employability. Furthermore relying on CCTV Dubai for your security needs will bring more benefits in terms of cost and security. With years of experience in the vertical of designing, planning and installation we at CCTV Dubai is adept at create solution with Axis Q1775-E Network cameras. In an effort to deal perfectly, our professionals take extreme care in delivering the best. Hence in a city like Dubai, as an added security cover, it is good to have the systems installed with Axis CCTV systems.

Our range of solutions are not concentrated in Dubai only, it is available in the regions of Umm Al- Quwain, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ajman and Ras Al-Khaimah as well. With a wide range of Axis IP cameras, the solutions are enough to meet all your security requirement. Contact us for a better understanding of the systems and solutions.


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