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AXIS Q1635 Network Camera

Do you want to capture a fast moving object in difficult lighting conditions? Then the Axis Q1635 will be the right choice. This camera is designed with WDR- Forensic capture and Lightfinder technologies which make it possible to capture high-quality images even in bad lighting scenarios.


Taking advantage of CCTV systems is beneficial in terms of security and productivity. It keeps a close watch on the happenings both inside and outside of the office or home. Moreover, it maximizes employee productivity in the business as well. In a highly complex environment, a business more than ever need good CCTV systems to meet the desired surveillance needs. This is critical to your security plan. The best thing is to provide safety with the branded security products from Axis communications.

Axis IP security cameras are powerful but highly featured products with the functions and ability to deliver image quality demanded by the industries. Axis has a wide range of IP cameras designed for various surveillance needs. Difficult to set apart each Axis camera comes with the advanced options enough to make the surveillance better and transparent. Included in the Q16 series, Axis Q1635 IP camera is no different.

Axis Q1635 Network camera is simply powerful

Like other Axis security cameras, Axis Q1635 IP camera is good in delivering superior quality images. Comes with a 1/2” sensor, It delivers highly light-sensitive images which really is useful in city surveillance and traffic surveillance. It is good enough to capture the images of fast moving vehicles and objects. WDR-forensic capture allows for to enhance video for the forensic purposes where it makes dark and brighter scenes visible.

  • Axis Zipstream technology is beneficial in lowering the bandwidth and storage requirements. This technology evaluates and improves video stream in real time to save bandwidth and storage while maintaining image quality.
  • The installation of this camera is simple and easy. Electronic image stabilization enables the camera to take steady images where the camera is subject to vibration. Through this electronic image stabilization technology, the vibration effects are greatly reduced.
  • The other features it support are focus assistant, remote back focus and pixel counter. The camera is additionally protected with shock detection, a capability that sends an alarm to users during attempted damage.

Other noted features include:

  • High definition image at 1080p resolution with 60 fps
  • Light finder technology
  • Axis Zipstream technology to reduce the bandwidth
  • Autofocus and shock detection
  • Electronic stabilization for steady picture

For these reasons, security with Axis Q1635 Network camera is a good solution if you are looking for high-quality surveillance for both the indoor and outdoor surveillance.

In a city like Dubai, security is a concern and to be equipped with advanced security options is a necessity. CCTV Dubai is an experienced CCTV provider in Dubai who has the capacity to deliver any kind of surveillance with Axis IP cameras as per your needs. Our service is available in the emirates of Umm Al Quwain, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Ajman. And as a trusted and reliable CCTV provider we assure a perfect security solution with Axis IP cameras.

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