AXIS Q16 Network Camera Series Dubai

It is essential for the business and homes to have good CCTV cameras and systems. It is really a great line of defense against any possible risks. With the emergence of the advanced cameras and systems, it is somewhat difficult for the people to pick the choice of their cameras. The cameras have a great role in the surveillance part – the images being captured are the best source to take decisions and as a proof of evidence. The half part of your security need is done with the good quality cameras.

Axis – the leader in CCTV technology

Axis is the market leader in developing advanced IP cameras and systems to the various security needs. Designed for both the indoor and outdoor surveillance needs, the Axis Fixed IP cameras come with the latest features making it ideal for all kinds of environments. Given its intelligent and multi-functionalities, these IP cameras are gaining wide acceptance among the industries. It has a wide range of models including the Axis M10, Axis M20, Axis P14, Axis Q17, Axis M11, Axis P13, Axis Q16, Axis Q8414-LVS network camera series.

Once it is mounted the fixed cameras have a static viewing direction in which anyone can identify where the lens has been pointed to. Some of the models come with the fixed, varifocal exchangeable zoom lens.

The best part of Axis Q16 Network camera series

This series consists of the indoor and outdoor-ready types that are capable to deliver exceptionally well quality images in the challenging surveillance environments i.e. the poor or variable lighting conditions. Furthermore, these are viable for a wide range of video surveillance applications such as the airports, railway stations schools, industrial buildings etc…

Axis Q16 IP cameras – The features:

  • Astounding light sensitivity
  • Outdoor-ready models with the Arctic temperature control
  • Comes with the feature lightfinder and WDR
  • Varifocal exchangeable lens
  • Support Power over Ethernet
  • HDTV Resolution
  • Day and night functionality
  • Built in Microphone
  • Digital Zoom

Avail the systems with the best CCTV solution provider in Dubai

CCTV Dubai has the reputation as the pioneer in the domain of CCTV surveillance across UAE. We have been blessed with all the resources that are capable to deliver flawless solutions to the industries of wide verticals. We take extreme care to bring the latest in the systems and as such we rely upon branded CCTV cameras and systems such as the AXIS security cameras. If you are looking out for the solutions that truly keep your business and homes under tight vigil, it is good to trust CCTV Dubai – your partner for total security solutions in Dubai. Not in Dubai, we have service in other emirates as well including Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Al Ain and Ajman.

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AXIS Q1614 Dubai

AXIS Q1614 IP Camera Dubai

AXIS Q1614 Network Camera Dubai

As a security measure, CCTV surveillance has an important role. From providing security to improving business productivity the advantage it brings is enormous. Good to monitor the happenings, it often help business and homes to tackle many potential threats such as the burglary and other illegal attempts. Surely CCTV has the upper hand in the modern form of security surveillance.


AXIS Q1614-E Dubai

AXIS Q1614-E IP Camera Dubai

AXIS Q1614-E Network Camera

AXIS Q1614-E is an outstanding Outdoor-ready network with Arctic Temperature Control. Innovative installation features make it possible to install the camera much easier.


AXIS Q1615 Dubai

AXIS Q1615 IP Camera Dubai

AXIS Q1615 Network Camera

Axis Q1615 is a 2-Megapixel network camera built with Shock detection and Electronic Image Stabilization.It delivers high-quality images with a resolution of 1080p at 60 fps. With the help of WDR- Forensic Capture technology, It is able to output superior quality images even in complex lighting conditions.

AXIS Q1615 MK II Dubai

AXIS Q1615 MK II IP Camera Dubai

AXIS Q1615 MK II Network Camera

Axis Q1615 Mk II is world’s first network camera with i-CS lens. This camera is featured with all the latest technologies invented by Axis Communications. It supports Lightfinder, Zipstream and WDR – Forensic Capture technologies to deliver high-quality images.


AXIS Q1615-E Dubai

AXIS Q1615-E IP Camera Dubai

AXIS Q1615-E Network Camera

The Axis Q1615-E is an outdoor-ready IP camera developed by Axis communications. This camera is featured with Lightfinder & WDR-Forensic Capture technologies, which makes it possible to deliver quality images with high details even in difficult lighting conditions. This camera viable choice for your surveillance needs.


AXIS Q1615-E Mk II Dubai

AXIS Q1615-E Mk II IP Camera Dubai

AXIS Q1615-E Mk II Network Camera

The Axis Q1615-E Mk II IP Camera is the world’s first outdoor-ready IP camera with an intelligent i-CS lens technology. It is designed to deliver high-quality video streams of fast-moving objects even in complex lighting conditions.


AXIS Q1635 Dubai

AXIS Q1635 IP Camera Dubai

AXIS Q1635 Network Camera

Do you want to capture a fast moving object in difficult lighting conditions? Then the Axis Q1635 will be the right choice. This camera is designed with WDR- Forensic capture and Lightfinder technologies which make it possible to capture high-quality images even in bad lighting scenarios.

Axis Q1635-E Dubai

Axis Q1635-E IP Camera Dubai

Axis Q1635-E Network Camera

Axis Q1635-E Network camera is a perfect outdoor-ready security camera that is used for extreme surveillance. It can operate in the cold temperature of -40-degree centigrade. The advanced features like the Arctic temperature control, image stabilization technology, Axis’ zipstream technology and other advanced options make this camera a real worth to your surveillance need.