AXIS Q35 Network Camera Series – Axis Zipstream camera

The AXIS Q35 Fixed Dome network cameras are ideal for both indoor & outdoor surveillance requirement. These cameras are well suited for high-security applications in places like metropolitan areas, airport terminals, railway stations, and industrial and important infrastructure facilities. All cameras in this series produce HDTV 1080p video at up to 60 fps, delivering smooth video even if the object is in fast movements. Electronic Image Stabilization feature makes it good at capturing quality videos where the camera is subject to vibrations. If the camera is placed on a high pole or hoardings there is a great possibility that the camera quiver if the wind occurs. Normal cameras will output blurred images in these situations. As the Axis Q35 series cameras support ESI (Electronic Image Stabilization), it will output quality images in such situations. This Axis Zipstream camera can save you a lot of money on bandwidth and storage by reducing its usage by half.

Here are some features of Axis Q35 Network Camera Series:

  • HDTV 1080p and HDTV 720p models
  • Exceptional image quality with WDR – Forensic Capture and Lightfinder
  • Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Support Axis’ Zipstream technology
  • Barrel distortion correction
  • IK10+ (50 joules) impact-resistant outdoor models
  • Support PoE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Efficient and Flexible installation

Axis is well-known for their innovative IP camera technologies. They are always researching and implementing new features to their cameras. The Axis Q35 network camera series is enriched varied features to make your surveillance more efficient. Axis’ Zipstream technology is another highlight of these cameras. It can reduce the bandwidth and storage uses by 50% without compromising the quality much.  With the Support of WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) – Forensic Capture technology, this camera produces detailed images even in complex lighting conditions. Lightfinder technology makes it possible to capture color images in low lighting conditions. Barrel distortion correction feature helps cameras to capture images more accurately.  These cameras also support two-way audio communication. This enables the users to communicate with the guests using the in-built microphone and speaker. Remote zoom functionality makes it even easier to zoom the camera remotely to clearly view any object in the scene. Above this all, this camera is manufactured by the trusted brand in this network surveillance industry. Axis communications is the inventors of IP camera technology. This itself shows their passion for developing innovative technologies.

Choosing a better CCTV service provider

Now you have made a great choice by choosing Axis surveillance cameras for your surveillance needs. This itself shows that you don’t compromise on the quality of service. By keeping this in mind, CCTV Dubai is here to help you in fulfilling your video surveillance requirements. Sophisticated technologies should be handled by professionals. Then only one can get desired results. Our service with axis cameras can satisfy you in all aspects of your surveillance need. We can make a strategic planning before implementing any IP camera at your place. This will deliver you the best result ever possible. We are delivering our services all over UAE including the emirates of Ajman, Dubai, Al Ain, Umm Al-Quwain, Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah.

Check out some of the cameras offered by Us from AXIS Q35 Network Camera Series:

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Axis Q3504-V Dubai

AXIS Q3504-V Network Camera Dubai

AXIS Q3504-V Network Camera

Axis Q3504-V Network Camera is an indoor fixed dome intended for greater surveillance. Good at providing quality images even in tight lighting conditions, this camera is a wonderful bet for your needs. It features so many technologies like the Axis Zipstream, Lightfinder, WDR- Forensic capture etc…

AXIS Q3504-VE Dubai

AXIS Q3504-VE Network Camera Dubai

AXIS Q3504-VE Network Camera

Axis Q3504-VE Network Camera is an outdoor-ready fixed dome manufactured for good surveillance. it is an affordable and robust solution for those who are looking for superior outdoor fixed dome camera for solid performance. It is equipped with advanced features of Axis Zipstream technology, lightfinder technology, WDR-forensic capture etc…

AXIS Q3505-V Mk II Dubai

AXIS Q3505-V Mk II Network Camera Dubai

AXIS Q3505-V Mk II Network Camera

AXIS Q3505-V Mk II Network Camera is an indoor-ready camera that offers greater pictures of fast moving objects in the varied lighting conditions. The camera is powered with some of the leading features such as the Axis Zipstream technology, Lightfinder technology and Electronic image stabilization.

AXIS Q3505-VE Mk II Dubai

AXIS Q3505-VE Mk II Network Camera Dubai

AXIS Q3505-VE Mk II Network Camera

Axis Q3505-VE Mk II is an outdoor-ready fixed dome camera which is designed to deliver optimized quality images for forensic purposes even in complex lighting conditions. With the robust and outdoor ready design, it can operate on Broad range of temperature, -50 °C to 60 °C.