AXIS Q3505-V Mk II Network Camera Dubai


AXIS Q3505-V Mk II Network Camera

AXIS Q3505-V Mk II Network Camera is an indoor-ready camera that offers greater pictures of fast moving objects in the varied lighting conditions. The camera is powered with some of the leading features such as the Axis Zipstream technology, Lightfinder technology and Electronic image stabilization.


There would be many reasons why the business opts for CCTV surveillance. Whatever be the reasons, it is definitely a great security and productivity tool. When it comes to the surveillance cameras you have good options to select from. Axis communications understand that the CCTV cameras are vital to business success and security. Being a global player in CCTV technology, Axis is innovative in introducing high-end security cameras for a wide range of surveillance applications. From outdoor to indoor surveillance requirements, Axis has the solutions to all your security concerns. AXIS Q3505-V Mk II Network Camera is an indoor fixed dome camera crafted for solid performance.

Why AXIS Q3505-V Mk II Network Camera so powerful?

It offers superior pictures of fast moving objects in the most difficult lighting conditions. The captured images can be optimized for the forensic purposes. The lightfinder technology allows the camera to deliver color images that are captured in dark conditions. This technology gives more lively pictures that can be used for identification and other purposes. WDR-Forensic capture ensures that the details of the images are captured in both the dark and bright scenes and the Axis Zipstream technology greatly reduce the bandwidth and storage requirements.

In both the ON and OFF state of WDR-Forensic capture, this camera captures the brilliant images of fast moving objects allowing to identify the details of the image easily. The security cameras which are installed in the poles or on other objects may be subject to vibrations. In these scenarios Electronic image stabilization allows the camera to shoot steady and smooth pictures

The compact design of the camera makes it easy for the installation and use. It also features a flexible cable management and it comes with a bracket that facilitates easy installation on ceilings and walls. Remote zoom and focus facilities make it more user-friendly.

Other Features include:

  • Support Axis Zipstream technology
  • Indoor-ready camera
  • High definition videos of 720p and 1080p resolution
  • Electronic image stabilization for stable pictures
  • Support AXIS Video Motion Detection 3 and Active tampering alarm
  • It has quality image sensor
  • Lightfinder technology
  • Easy to install
  • Edge storage
  • Weatherproof
  • IK10 and IP52 rated for impact resistance and weather protection respectively
  • Password protection, IP address filtering

Create perfect security solutions with CCTV Dubai

With years of solid experience in the domain of security, CCTV Dubai is thought to the sought after CCTV provider in Dubai. We are truly an experienced player who know the in and out of the CCTV security. Therefore to design perfect solution we implement systems with Axis Network cameras and systems. We take extreme care to deliver the best to our esteemed clients. We have our presence in the regions of Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Ajman, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi and Fujairah. Get ready to experience the best of surveillance with CCTV Dubai.


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