AXIS Q3505-VE Mk II Network Camera Dubai


AXIS Q3505-VE Mk II Network Camera

Axis Q3505-VE Mk II is an outdoor-ready fixed dome camera which is designed to deliver optimized quality images for forensic purposes even in complex lighting conditions. With the robust and outdoor ready design, it can operate on Broad range of temperature, -50 °C to 60 °C.


Axis communications is one of the major brands who rules this CCTV industry. They are the inventors of IP camera technology which was a major add-on to this video security surveillance systems. They are always in research for latest technologies to deliver the best functionalities to their users through their IP cameras. The Axis Q3505-VE Mk II is equipped with Electronic image stabilization, which helps the camera to capture smoother and steadier video even when the camera is subject to vibration.

Here are some Features of AXIS Q3505-VE Mk II Network Camera Dubai: 

  • Designed with Enhanced Lightfinder and WDR – Forensic Capture technologies
  • Delivers 50/60 fps in HDTV 1080p or 100/120 fps in 720p
  • Progressive scan
  • P-Iris control
  • Support Electronic image stabilization
  • Day & night with automatically removable infrared-cut filter
  • Outdoor-ready camera – Vandal resistance with IK10+ (50 joules)
  • capable of operating on Broad range of temperature, -50 °C to 60 ºC
  • Lightfinder and WDR – Forensic Capture
  • Support Axis’ Zipstream technology in H.264
  • Designed with Remote zoom, Remote focus and Pixel counter
  • IP66-, IP67-, IP6K9K- and NEMA 4X-rated
  • I/O Support
  • Easy and flexible installation

Axis communication is recognized as the leader in this CCTV industry. They are manufacturing wide varieties of products to deliver an optimal solution for their clients. Axis’s innovative technologies always produce exceptional quality images. This camera support Electronic Image Stabilization which helps to efficiently capture videos even when the camera is subject to vibrations. While planning to implement a CCTV systems in an organization, most of the companies are considering the initial cost as a factor to choose a specific surveillance solution for a CCTV provider. The cost is definitely a factor that should be considered. But it’s not the initial cost.  Security surveillance systems are used to monitor and protect your premises from external as well as internal threats. So, it can be considered as a long-term investment. Most of the companies might be able to provide you the best (cheap) price for their product. And they will make you believe that you have got a great system with lower cost. But the truth is, after the implementation of CCTV Systems it has an operating cost. It consumes your power supply, It needs storage space to save the recordings and the bandwidth used by this recording is also a cost factor.

When considering these facts, we can see that normal cameras cost you more than Axis IP cameras. Axis has it’s own Axis’ Zipstream technology to reduce the storage and bandwidth usage by half. With the support for PoE (Power Over Ethernet), you can save on the extra cabling for power supply. It delivers high-quality images even in complex lighting conditions with the help of WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) and Lightfinder technologies. In the long run this Axis camera can save you a lot of money.

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