Samsung SNB-5001P Box Camera Dubai


Samsung SNB-5001P Box Camera Dubai

The Samsung SNB-5001P Box Camera Dubai features 1.3 megapixel and 720p HD resolution at full frame rate, with a solid design. Multiple streaming is possible with a choice of H.264 and MJPEG solidity methods, provided that the option to instantaneously spread images to multiple places at different frame rates up to 30/25 frames per second, and at different resolution.


Samsung SNB-5001P Box Camera


The Samsung SNB-5001P Box Camera Dubai from Samsung which features a network box camera, 1.3MP, multiple streaming motion detection and privacy masking. This cost effective 1.3MP high definition network camera by Samsung Dubai is a great suitable for applications which need high-resolution video. The Samsung SNB-5001P Dubai features contrast improvement and day/night abilities for challenging lighting settings, and is prepared with high-end functionalities such as meddling detection and motion exposure.

Improve the capabilities of your surveillance system with the Samsung SNB-5001P 1.3Megapixel HD Network Camera. With up to 1.3 MP resolutions, this HD network camera by Samsung Dubai can capture highly detailed footage in both bright and dimly lit settings. Utilize it during the day or night, and rest secure that every detail and color of the images are truly captured, even when changes in lighting settings occur.

Make full use of this Samsung security camera’s multiple streaming, as well as H.264 and MJPEG dual codec, to set up free outputs that can meet several surveillance demands. In addition, it features a motion exposure that rapidly monitors any signs of movements within the camera’s field of vision, taking property security to a greater level. When it comes to given that 24-hour surveillance to your home or office, you can trust on the Samsung SNB-5001P Dubai Camera with 1.3Megapixel.

Samsung SNB-5001P Box Camera Features:

  • Max 1.3MP Resolution: captures footage in exceptional detail and clarity
  • Multiple Streaming and H.264 & MJPEG Dual Codec: caters to different surveillance needs by providing multiple outputs
  • Motion Detection: detects signs of movements within the camera’s field of view
  • Day & Night (Software): provides reliable 24-hour monitoring to your home or business property
  • 1.3M (1280 x 1024) resolution
  • 16 : 9 HD (720p) resolution support
  • 264, MJPEG dual codec
  • Multiple streaming
  • Tampering
  • PoE


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