AXIS P33 Network Camera Series – Axis Camera Models

Axis P33 Network camera series consist of various models indoor and outdoor ready fixed dome IP cameras. These cameras are best fit for discreet video surveillance in outdoor areas such as subways, airports, university and school campuses. These Axis camera models output superior video quality in 30 fps in full resolution. With the help of H.264 compression technology these cameras are able to optimize the storage and bandwidth without compromising the image quality. The remote zoom feature with pixel counter technology make sure that the camera’s viewing angles is well optimized for the pixel resolution and scene. The remote focus functionality allows appropriate installation by eliminating the need for hands-on focusing at the camera.

Some Features of AXIS P33 Network Camera Series:

  • Producing High-performance video including HDTV quality
  • Day & Night functionality
  • Support Multiple H.264 video streams
  • Convenient installation with remote focus and zoom
  • Outdoor-ready vandal resistant models designed for wide temperatures range
  • Support Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Some of the cameras in this series comes with Axis’ lightfinder technology. This helps them to record color images even during complex lighting conditions. This is a day and night camera equipped with automatic removable infrared-cut filter for increased light sensitivity. With the support of Power over Ethernet (PoE), All the cameras in Axis P33 series have a low power consumption. This camera can cope with temperature variations to an extreme level as it can hold up to 55-degree Celsius. Axis P33 network camera series offers exceptional installation capabilities with remote zoom and focus. After the installation, there is no need to reach out the camera to set up it’s viewing angle. It can be done remotely from a computer. These full-featured fixed dome cameras are available in 3 versions: outdoor-ready vandal-resistant, indoor and indoor vandal-resistant. Some of the models in this series support two-way communication with the help of an in-built microphone and speaker. This enables you to communicate with the guest or intruder. You can also monitor their communication too. These features will become handful in various scenarios.Simply we can see that these cameras are perfect solutions for almost all type of surveillance requirements.

Choosing CCTV Dubai to fulfill your requirements

You already made a brilliance choice by choosing Axis IP camera for your surveillance needs. Now it’s time to consider a CCTV solution provider. It is always good to have an expert assistance before implementing any CCTV Surveillance solution. We are experienced in implementing CCTV systems for various industries in Dubai, UAE. CCTV Dubai now becomes the complete CCTV surveillance solution provider in UAE. CCTV systems are becoming inevitable part of every organization. It can prevent unauthorized happening in your premises. The presence of CCTV camera will also increase the productivity in your work place as the employees are aware of they are being watched. We are dealing with major brands including Axis Communications, Samsung Techwin, Bosch, Vivotek, Dahua, CP Plus, Grandstream and Hikvision. Contact us to know more about these brands and products.

Check out some of the awesome cameras offered by us under AXIS P33 Network Camera Series. These Axis camera models can fulfill your needs.

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AXIS P3354 Dubai

AXIS P3354 Network Camera Dubai

AXIS P3354 Network Camera

AXIS P3354 fixed come camera delivers superior quality video in HDTV 720p or 1 MP. This camera is featured with Axis Lightfinder technology to deliver quality color images even during low-lighting situations.

AXIS P3364-LV Dubai

AXIS P3364-LV Network Camera Dubai

AXIS P3364-LV Network Camera

AXIS P3364-LV is a great 1-Megapixel fixed dome network camera to operate in day and night modes. It delivers videos in HDTV 720p / 1 megapixel resolution at 30 fps.

AXIS P3364-LVE Dubai

AXIS P3364-LVE Network Camera Dubai

AXIS P3364-LVE Network Camera

Axis P3364-LVE fixed dome network camera is developed with built-in IR to deliver a cost-effective and quality night vision solution for users. This day and night camera is featured with Light finder technology to deliver color images even during law-lighting conditions.

AXIS P3364-V Dubai

AXIS P3364-V Network Camera Dubai

AXIS P3364-V Network Camera

AXIS P3364-V is an excellent 1-megapixel day and night camera featured with Axis Light finder technology. This camera is capable of delivering superior quality videos even during low-lighting condition.

AXIS P3364-VE Dubai

AXIS P3364-VE Network Camera Dubai

AXIS P3364-VE Network Camera

AXIS P3364-VE Fixed Dome network camera is a magnificent surveillance product delivered by Axis communications. It is featured with Axis Lightfinder and P-Iris control technologies.

AXIS P3365-V Dubai

AXIS P3365-V Network Camera Dubai

AXIS P3365-V Network Camera

The Axis P3365-V fixed dome network camera delivers Full HD 1080p videos at 25/30 fps with power line frequency 50/60 Hz. This 2 MP network camera is built with remote zoom and remote focus functionalities which eliminate hands-on tuning while installation.

AXIS P3365-VE Dubai

AXIS P3365-VE Network Camera Dubai

AXIS P3365-VE Network Camera

The Axis P3365-VE Fixed Dome network camera delivers Full HDTV images in 2 MP resolution. It offers a wide horizontal view of angle up to 100°. This camera comes with a remote zoom and focus feature to make the installation much easier.

AXIS P3367-V Dubai

AXIS P3367-V Network Camera Dubai

AXIS P3367-V Network Camera

AXIS P3367-V is a 5-Megapixel highly light-sensitive fixed dome network camera with P-Iris control technology. It delivers videos Full HD 1080p at 30fps in all resolutions.

Axis P3367-VE Dubai

AXIS P3367-VE Network Camera Dubai

AXIS P3367-VE Network Camera

Axis P3367-VE delivers superior quality video in 5 MP or HDTV 1080p resolution. This camera is built with P-Iris control technology to effectively optimize the iris opening to produce high-quality images with great details.

AXIS P3384-V Dubai

AXIS P3384-V Network Camera Dubai

Axis P3384-V Network Camera

AXIS P3384-V is 1 MP HDTV fixed dome network camera specially designed for entrance monitoring. It can also be used for indoor surveillance requirements.  This vandal resistant camera is perfect for video surveillance in exposed areas like airports and schools.

AXIS P3384-VE Dubai

AXIS P3384-VE Network Camera Dubai

AXIS P3384-VE Network Camera

Axis P3384-VE is a magnificent 1-megapixel fixed dome network camera to operate in day and night modes. This camera is designed for the video surveillance of most diverse areas in including the harsh environments.