AXIS P3384-V Network Camera Dubai


Axis P3384-V Network Camera

AXIS P3384-V is 1 MP HDTV fixed dome network camera specially designed for entrance monitoring. It can also be used for indoor surveillance requirements.  This vandal resistant camera is perfect for video surveillance in exposed areas like airports and schools.


The Axis P3384-V is designed with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) – Dynamic capture technology. It helps to produce quality videos even in complex lighting conditions. It’s often difficult to capture detailed images of locations like entrance in buildings, tunnel passages, because of strong variation in light. It’s now possible to capture such scenes with this WDR – Dynamic Capture technology. Iris control is also a crucial factor in producing detailed images. With P-Iris control technology, it is possible to produce quality images by optimizing the iris opening on various lighting conditions. This camera is equipped with a built-in microphone which makes it possible to listen to the audio with video surveillance. With its two-way communication capability and the support for I/O port, you can communicate with the visitor/intruder. Axis Lightfinder technology is another highlight of this IP camera. Superior quality images in demanding lighting conditions is often a challenge for normal IP Cameras. With Lightfinder technology, this camera can capture detailed color images in low-lighting situations.

Check out some features of Axis P3384-V Network Camera:

  • WDR-dynamic capture
  • Delivers Superb video in HDTV 720p or 1MP quality
  • Axis Lightfinder technology
  • 264 main profile and multiple H.264 streams
  • Easy installation with remote focus and remote zoom
  • Day / night Camera with automatically removable infrared-cut filter
  • IK10 – Vandal-resistant design
  • P-Iris control
  • Built-in microphone
  • Video Motion Detection
  • Support Two-way Communication
  • Active tampering alarm
  • Audio detection
  • Progressive scan
  • Digital PTZ
  • Support Power over Ethernet
  • Support Edge Storage

With these functionalities, this camera has the influence to deliver surveillance even in challenging lighting conditions. Axis IP cameras are well-known for their quality output. They are the real solution provider for video surveillance requirement. They develop technology that can really satisfy any kind of surveillance needs. The support for edge storage in Axis P3384-V is a great example for that. With these technology users, can record the video to an in-built microSD card or to a NAS (Network Attached storage). This helps the user to build a cost-effective CCTV surveillance system.

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