AXIS P3364-VE Network Camera Dubai


AXIS P3364-VE Network Camera

AXIS P3364-VE Fixed Dome network camera is a magnificent surveillance product delivered by Axis communications. It is featured with Axis Lightfinder and P-Iris control technologies.


Axis is well-known for their innovative approach towards surveillance systems. After their invention of the IP camera technology they always researched on innovative ideas that lead them to the top of the security surveillance industry. As a pioneer in developing surveillance technologies, Axis is well aware of the exact need of a video surveillance system for a user. Based on that they have categorized their cameras to different series for easy identification. Each of these different series of cameras belongs to various kinds of IP Cameras like Fixed Dome Cameras, Fixed IP Cameras, Onboard Cameras, Modular Cameras, Panoramic Cameras, Thermal Cameras, PTZ Cameras and Explosion-protected cameras. The Axis P3364-VE belongs to AXIS P33 Network Camera Series. This camera is built with Axis Lightfinder technology which enables it to capture high-quality color images in light sensitive conditions. Its noise reduction capability is one of the top-class features that is incomparable with any CCTV Cameras available on market today.

Here are some cool features of Axis P3364-VE Network Camera:

  • Produce Superb video in 1MP or HDTV 720p quality
  • Equipped with P-Iris control
  • 264 main profile and multiple H.264 streams
  • Axis Lightfinder technology
  • Digital PTZ Support
  • Easy and Simple installation procedure with remote focus and remote zoom
  • Operating temperature ranges from -40 °C to 55 °C
  • Active tampering alarm
  • Video motion detection
  • Audio detection
  • Outdoor-ready, Weather-proof and vandal-resistant casing
  • Two-way audio
  • External microphone input or line input, Line output
  • Edge storage support
    • Support for SD/SDHC/SDXC card with built-in SC
    • Support for recording to dedicated network-attached storage (NAS)
  • Varifocal Lens
  • Support Power over Ethernet (PoE)

This camera supports P-Iris control, that allows you to exactly control the position of the diaphragm. This technology helps for precise control of the Iris opening. It outputs a superior quality detailed images. If you are looking for a vandal-resistant weather proof camera, then this Axis P3364-VE Network camera is the right choice. Contact us to know more about Axis IP cameras and Axis CCT Systems in UAE.

What is the need for a CCTV Solution Provider?

As an expert in this video surveillance industry, we are recommending you to understand the exact purpose of a surveillance system to your industry or home. A precise information regarding the requirements can help a CCTV Solution provider in UAE to give an optimal solution for you. We have been providing these surveillance solutions in all the major cities in UAE including the emirates Ajman, Sharjah, Ras al-Khaimah, Dubai, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi and Umm Al-Quwain for many years. Because of our reliable and quality support, we have gained the trust of so many customers in the UAE. We are dealing with all the major brands available on market today. Contact us for CCTV Installation and CCTV Maintenance along with top-quality products from various brands. We are here to assist you all the time.


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