AXIS M3045-V Network Camera Dubai


AXIS M3045-V Network Camera

AXIS M3045-V is an advanced fiscal fixed dome surveillance camera with support for HDMI. It offers Full HD 1080p video quality, and the ability to broadcast live to an external monitor via HDMI.


AXIS M3045-V offers a clear HDTV 1080p image with a horizontal viewing angle of 106 °. WDR technology (Wide Dynamic Range) provides the fine details even in bright and dark areas. Superior image quality at an affordable price makes the camera an ideal solution for shops, hotels, schools, banks and offices. Axis Zipstream technology saves up to 50% of bandwidth and disk space by recording only the important details in highest quality. video streams encoded in H.264 and Motion JPEG. This camera is a great choice if you want to monitor vertical, narrow areas as it supports Axis Corridor Format. With support for digital PTZ (pan / tilt / zoom) and Multi-Streaming allows this camera to record in separate streams the different sections of the image and the full picture. This can be done with this single camera which makes the installation much easy. Thanks to the HDMI output, you can display the video from your camera to a monitor and monitor the situation in real-time.

Here are some features of AXIS M3045-V Network Camera:

  • Delivers HDTV 1080p video quality
  • Progressive Scan
  • Featured with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) for good detail in bright and dark areas
  • Support Axis’ Zipstream technology that saves bandwidth and Storage usage by half without sacrificing quality
  • Has an HDMI output for live streaming to a public monitor
  • Digital PTZ and multi-view streaming
  • Ultra-compact, discreet design and cost-effective installation
  • Edge Support
    • Support for recording to dedicated network-attached storage (NAS)
    • Support for microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC card
  • Supports intelligent analytics
  • AXIS Video Motion Detection
  • Active tampering alarm
  • Support Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Axis communication is identified as the global leader in the IP camera Industry. They invented this IP Camera technology. After that, their research on this technology has improved the ability of IP cameras to capture quality images beyond our imaginations. Axis IP cameras are one of the most trusted network cameras available on market today. With their innovative approach to surveillance systems, they were able to deliver the exact system required for modern surveillance needs. We recommend Axis CCTV Systems to all our customers who need a reliable CCTV System at an affordable cost.

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