AXIS F1004 Sensor Unit Dubai


Axis F1004 Sensor unit is a great surveillance tool that can be used with Axis F main units. It is small and cost effective. This sensor unit can provide high quality images of 720p resolution has the wide range dynamic capture feature.


Security cameras are the backbone of any CCTV system. Continuing development of CCTV technology resulted in the development of high-tech cameras that can be used for wide range of surveillance applications. Axis Communications is the leading provider of advanced security cameras. Designed for the surveillance operations, the range of Axis network cameras can fulfill every aspect of your security need. If you are looking for cameras that are particularly designed for the discreet surveillance then Axis modular cameras are the perfect choice. The modular cameras have been designed in the divided network camera concept which consist of the main body unit and the sensor unit. Axis F1004 Sensor unit is the kind that is used for extremely discreet surveillance.

Designed for discreet surveillance

Axis F1004 Sensor unit is a cost effective solution for an effective surveillance. It is small in size and has discreet sensor to be used with the Axis F main unit. It can be utilized for the surveillance in small stores, small hotels and office environments.

High quality image

It consists of fixed lens and image sensor that has the capability to provide horizontal field of view with the resolution of 720p video. The system has a detachable 8m cable used to provide connection to Axis F main unit. Further it comes with the optional cable accessory Axis F7315 cable for a longer connection. The other optional accessories include the surface mount dome (AxisF8214) and the recessed mount (Axis F8224). The optional mounts allows the Axis F1004 Sensor unit to bend to get the desired viewing focus.

Just consider the other features:

  • The sensor unit is small and cost effective
  • Provides 102 degree of horizontal view
  • High quality images at 25 to 30 frames per second
  • Detachable cable for ease of installation
  • Wide range dynamic capture
  • Fixed iris lens
  • Can operate cold temperatures

To develop a complete security surveillance solution it is worth to rely on an expert CCTV solution provider. In a city like Dubai, surveillance is a necessity for to achieve greater security coverage and success. Once you have decided to implement CCTV security for outdoor or indoor security applications, it is good to get the service from CCTV Dubai – a prominent provider in Dubai. CCTV Dubai is skilled at developing solutions with the Axis CCTV systems in UAE. To be more precise, with the years of service in the domain of surveillance we have the right skill in designing, planning and implementation of right security systems at reasonable rate with Axis Security cameras in UAE. Our area of service is included in the regions of Al Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al-Quwain and Ajman.

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