AXIS F34 Main Unit Dubai


AXIS F34 Main Unit

Axis F34 main unit is good for the situations where discreet surveillance is required. It’s a cost effective solution that can be deployed for surveillance in offices, stores banks etc… Designed with intelligent video functions Axis F34 main unit has the provision to connect 4 network cameras, where in four images of neighboring places can be generated.


Security cameras are an important part of a CCTV surveillance system. When it comes to the systems, Axis CCTV systems are considered to be the best in the world. Axis communications is the industry leader in the CCTV technology and its wide range of innovative security cameras have proven successful in all kinds of surveillance. Based on a divided camera concept, the Axis modular cameras allows for complex surveillance in tough places. The modular cameras comes in two units named the main body part and a sensor unit with cable. Axis F series of modular cameras that comes with separate units (main body part and sensor part) form the perfect system for your surveillance needs. Axis F34 main unit delivers valuable discreet surveillance solution of four closely situated areas.

Why Axis F34 main unit so exceptional?

Axis f34 surveillance system is a cost-effective video solution ideal for small stores and offices. All the necessary hardware and software is included in the package. Based on the powerful Axis f34 main unit that records video from four cameras simultaneously on high endurance microSD cards. It can be paired with 4f 1004 sensor units. With excellent HD video quality the sensor units are simply enough to enable discreet installation and different mounting options are included in the kit. Axis camera companion assist you in the management of your surveillance system. Live video as well as recordings can easily be accessed from anywhere in the world using a pc or mobile client everything you need for a non-intrusive easy-to- use video solution .The Axis f34 surveillance system is a complete cost efficient solution you can  trust.

Cost-efficient installation

By one Ethernet port, the system allows for the concurrent streaming of videos from four different areas. Axis F34 main unit allows to connect four IP cameras thus reducing installation costs than the cost that involves in the installation of four separate network cameras. With the less number of switches required, the cost for switching can be reduced. The main unit has two built-in full size SD cards for the storage management of recordings. It support PoE.

Good streaming performance

Each port of the main unit is capable to capture multiple video streams. With two available capturing modes the system can produce 1080p resolution image and 720p resolution images respectively. It can provide the full viewing angle from a 1080p sensor unit. In the 1080P mode the frame rate is 50 to 50 frames per second and in the 720p mode the capturing rate of the image is at 25 to 30 frames per second. In both the 1080p and 720p capture mode, Axis F34 main unit supports four view streaming where it combines the videos from 4 different channels for simultaneous viewing. The unit is equipped with Axis Zipstream technology for lowering the bandwidth and storage requirement.

Its features in a nutshell:

  • Quad view streaming possible
  • Axis Zip stream technology
  • Provide important details of the images
  • High quality of images in 1080p resolution and 720p resolution
  • Two built-in SD card slots
  • Video analytics
  • Open API for software integration
  • Secured with password protection
  • Multiple individual streaming in H.264 and Motion JPEG
  • Video management software
  • Can operate in low temperature conditions

Once you have decided to go for advanced security systems in Dubai, it is always good to rely on a trusted CCTV provider. As being a leader in providing security solution over the years, CCTV Dubai is considered as the best CCTV provider within UAE. By providing responsible solutions to the various industries we have proven that all levels of security can be handled by us using Axis CCTV systems. For the situations that need discreet surveillance the solution can be provided with the AXIS F series cameras. We are available in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Umm Al-Quwain, Al Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah, Sharjah and Ajman as well. We’re also here to support you from the designing phase to deployment phase.


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