AXIS F1005-E Sensor Unit Dubai

AXIS F1005-E Sensor Unit can be used for highly discreet indoor and outdoor surveillance. Given the features this sensor unit is fit for the surveillance in ATMs, emergency vehicles, banks, hospitals, hotels and other city surveillance needs. With the WDR – Forensic feature this unit can provide the detailed scenes captured in the dark and bright environments.


Growing threats prompt business owners, industries as well as house owners to improve security measures with CCTV systems. It is indeed a great security measure since it keep the premises, employees and business secure from the likely threats for instance the offences, thefts and other conflicts. And for the security reasons, sometimes it requires for the business and homes to monitor the activities whole day and night. With an idea to keep a watch on the environment or to safeguard your closest ones, CCTV security is the most effective measure you can rely on. Deciding upon best security systems is very important. Axis communications is known to be the leader in the CCTV technology. The product line they introduce is competent to meet any monitoring need which are introduced to the best interests of the industry. AXIS F1005-E Sensor Unit is the kind that is designed for extremely sensitive indoor and outdoor surveillance. And now you have got reasons to buy Axis CCTV network cameras for your surveillance application.

Extreme Indoor and outdoor surveillance made easy with AXIS F1005-E Sensor Unit

AXIS F1005-E Sensor Unit, along with an AXIS F Main Unit, is best suited to use in very sensitive outdoor and indoor surveillance applications. AXIS F1005-E sensor unit could be subtly positioned in restricted places, flush-mounted within a ceiling or wall, or integrated in a light bar on top of an emergency vehicle. The tough, IP66-rated sensor unit survive shock vibrations dust, snow, and temperature fluctuations.

AXIS F1005-E consists an image sensor with a 1080p resolution and a fixed lens that offers a wide 113 degree horizontal field of view. It supports Wide Dynamic Range – Forensic Capture. It can connect to the main unit that has the feature of WDR. WDR – Forensic Capture allows for an advanced level of visibility equally in the bright and dark areas of a scene. The sensor comes with a pre-mounted cable for connection to an AXIS F Main Unit.

Its features:

  • Highly flexible, rugged design to handle extreme indoor and outdoor surveillance.
  • Fixed iris lens
  • HDTV resolution of 1080p
  • WDR- Forensic capture
  • Can provide the horizontal view of images in 113 degree view
  • Frame rate of 50 to 60 Fps
  • Can connect with Axis F41 and Axis F44 main and Axis 34 main units
  • IP66 rated
  • Can operate in extern low temperate conditions

In a city like Dubai, CCTV surveillance is a big necessity to almost all the industries including, banking, financing, hospitality, hotels, schools, shopping malls etc… In today’s multifaceted environment, and to provide security it is required to appreciate the usage of this security measure. As far as the business is concerned, apart from keeping a lookout, it enhance the employee productivity, reduce employee theft and other related occurrences. Once it is aware that the CCTV security camera is presented at the premises, any attempt to rob will be left behind by the would-be burglars. With many years of experience to providing CCTV solutions, CCTV Dubai is known to be an expert in the area of CCTV security in Dubai. CCTV is a major measure on which the most industries rely on for safeguarding. As such to provide the best of solutions, we at CCTV Dubai provide security with the leading Axis CCTV cameras and systems in Dubai. We are much adept at providing indoor surveillance with the AXIS F1005-E Sensor Unit. Being labelled as a leading Axis supplier in Dubai we have the solution with all the kind of Axis network cameras in UAE. The area of operation is not restricted particularly to Dubai only, we have our services operational in the regions of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Al Ain, Sharjah, Ras Al-Khaimah and Umm Al-Quwain. Get in touch with us to know about our CCTV services.


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