AXIS P1224-E Network Camera Dubai


AXIS P1224-E Network Camera

AXIS P1224-E is a Miniature HDTV network camera that built for careful outdoor surveillance. This camera is very easy to install and support PoE (Power over Ethernet). With HDTV 720p resolution this camera offers a wide 145° horizontal field of view for effective outdoor surveillance.


Combining the element of CCTV security will bring many advantages to business and homes. This level of security does provide a great security coverage to the environment and the assets. When you decide to go for the CCTV security surveillance either for your business or homes, what you need to know next is the type of cameras you want to pick. A good CCTV solution provider will able to help you in designing the solution with the right kind of security cameras. It is true that CCTV has evolved much with the technology, so is the security cameras too. Being a leader in the manufacturing of innovative network cameras, Axis communication provides a wide selection of network or IP cameras that makes your surveillance better and refined. Axis P1224-E network camera is designed to offer discreet outdoor surveillance.

Axis P1224-E network camera – A good fit for your discreet outdoor surveillance

Axis P1224-E consists of a small High definition camera for a reliable overview surveillance. This IP66 rated camera can be used for the indoor and outdoor surveillance and can be flush mounted in ceilings and walls. Due to this feature, it is ideal for the surveillance in ATMs, stores, hotels, banks etc…It consists of the main unit and a sensor unit that can be mounted separately. The cable connects the two units allowing the sensor unit to be placed in limited place and the main to be positioned in different place. With the mounting accessories, it is easy to install and use. This tiny wide-angle camera can be perfectly used for discreet outdoor surveillance. It offers high definition images of 720p resolution images in H.264 and Motion JPEG format. The features and its unique design concept make it perfect for the highly discreet surveillance.

Just consider some of the features:

  • Wide-angle tiny camera
  • IP66 rated sensor unit
  • Easy installation
  • High definition videos of 720p resolution
  • Support for the edge storage
  • Support multiple H.264 streams
  • Support PoE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Open API for software integration
  • Fixed Iris lens
  • Provide high security using password protection, IP address filtering
  • Comes with the mounting kit and other accessories

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