AXIS F1015 Sensor Unit Dubai


AXIS F1015 Sensor Unit

AXIS F1015 Sensor Unit is designed exclusively for highly discreet indoor surveillance. it can be utilized for the surveillance in the areas where the indoor surveillance is much required for instance ATMs, banks, financial institutions, government agencies etc… It supports WDR – forensic capture for the detailed view of the images.


Security is significant. It is essential in all areas of a life. Disregard of appropriate security measures often leads to harmful outcomes that can be quite a large loss to the life or assets. Nearly all business now rely on CCTV for the purpose of to secure against any internal and external dangers. It has now become important to incorporate advanced video security cameras and systems at the premises to thwart any possible dangers. If you have already been decided to make use of CCTV security, be certain to get the installation with the most popular Axis network security cameras. Simply because of its superior features and options, the selection of Axis IP cameras can be can be employed for various discreet internal and external surveillance applications. AXIS F1015 Sensor Unit is the kind that is extensively used for very sensitive surveillance.

Why AXIS F1015 Sensor Unit is so powerful for the discreet indoor surveillance?

AXIS F1015 Sensor Unit, along with an AXIS F Main Unit, is suitable for utilization in highly sensitive indoor surveillance applications. The sensor unit could be positioned in restricted places and flush-mounted inside a wall or ceiling, even though the main unit can be positioned away to a fairly distant space. AXIS F1015 includes an image sensor and a varifocal lens that gives a good horizontal field of view. A varifocal lens provides users the versatility to modify the field of view to accommodate the application. In tele mode, the minute details could be captured within a narrower field of view. Much more of a scene can be covered in a wide mode.

AXIS F1015 supports Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) – Forensic Capture that could be activated once the sensor unit is linked to a main unit that supports WDR. Forensic Capture provides a detail view of the image captured in a bright or dark situations. This sensor unit comes with a pre-mounted cable so as to connect to the Axis F main unit. A Vari-angle mounting bracket enable the sensor unit to be tilted to any position to cover more area.

Just consider other benefits:

  • Versatile for indoor use
  • Varifocal lens
  • High definition images with 108op resolution
  • Horizontal view (53 degree to 108 degree)
  • Supports WDR- Forensic capture
  • Can operate in cold conditions
  • Frame rate of 50 to 60 Fps
  • Compatible with Axis F34, Axis F41 and Axis F44 main units

To provide with correct security measure is necessary for your business and residence in Dubai. Whenever you deploy system with Axis CCTV security cameras the surveillance results could be much more effective. Complete safety using AXIS F1015 Sensor Unit is certainly a good option to avoid any illegal entries. Additionally it strengthens employee functioning simultaneously. CCTV Dubai has years of experience to providing sophisticated CCTV security methods to the industries of any size. What’s more we are excellent in planning security with Axis range of IP cameras.

Our aptitude to bring perfect solutions to the various domains made us the best CCTV provider in Dubai, UAE. Making security with AXIS network cameras are really a worth for the surveillance needs. Our area of service is concentrated in other emirates as well including Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al-Quwain, Al Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Ajman. Our correct and transparent approach with Axis CCTV cameras gives you an opportunity to discover productivity, success and obviously peace of mind.

If you feel to know much on what CCTV means for you, either for commercial or residential purpose, get in touch with us.


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