AXIS P1264 Network Camera Dubai


AXIS P1264 Network Camera

AXIS P1264 is pinhole camera that is specifically developed for the discreet surveillance needs. The compact main unit is able to produce high definition videos in 720p resolution plus the sensor unit can capture color video in poor lighting conditions. This pinhole camera finds its use especially in the tight places where discreet surveillance is highly needed.


Surveillance cameras or security cameras are the backbone of CCTV security. The continuing development of CCTV technology resulted in the growth of high-end security cameras that are used for wide range of security applications. Axis Communications is the leading provider of advanced security cameras. Designed for the surveillance operations, the range of Axis network cameras can fulfill every aspect of your security need. If you are searching for CCTV cameras that are particularly designed for the discreet monitoring, then Axis modular cameras are the ideal choice. The modular cameras have been designed in the divided network camera concept which consists of the main body unit and the sensor unit. AXIS P1264 Network Camera is the kind that is utilized for highly discreet surveillance.

AXIS P1264 Network Camera – A cost effective solution for your security need

This is an economical and highly discreet pinhole camera that includes main unit and a sensor unit. This pinhole camera is perfect for surveillance in ATMs, stores, ticket vending and health monitoring machines plus other subtle surveillance applications. The camera comes with a removable cable that is used for linking the main unit and the sensor unit. The sensor unit contains a lens and sensor. The cable allows for the main unit to be positioned in a different location. The advantage of Axis P1264 Network Camera is that the sensor unit can be positioned in the limited spaces and behind any plastic or metal sheet. The sensor unit is capable to produce color video in a poor lighting condition. The main unit which is very compact is easy to install in tight places. It offers high definition images. Edge storage is supported through microSD card.

Let’s have a look at the features of this camera:

  • Pinhole lens for highly discreet surveillance
  • It provides a horizontal field of view
  • Support Axis Zipstream technology for lowering the bandwidth and storage requirements
  • Support PoE
  • Video analytics
  • Open API for software integration
  • Equipped with Axis Video motion detection 3
  • Active tampering alarm
  • Fixed iris lens
  • High-definition image of 720p resolution
  • Supports H.264 and motion JPEG

When you decide to implement a security system for your security, it is wise to choose an experienced CCTV provider in Dubai. CCTV Dubai is good at developing complete security solution from the beginning phase i.e. from the planning phase to installation phase. Being a leading Axis CCTV distributor in Dubai, we have the expertise in utilizing high-end Axis IP cameras in Dubai for building a right CCTV solution. We ensure that through our valued approach the clients are getting desired security goals. We deal with wide range of Axis security cameras including the Axis P1264 Network Camera as well. We have our presence in the emirates of Sharjah, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al-Khaimah, Ajman Fujairah and Umm Al-Quwain.


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