AXIS Q3615-VE Network Camera Dubai


AXIS Q3615-VE Network Camera

Axis Q3615-VE delivers an outstanding image quality with 1/1.9” sensor. The advanced lightfinder and WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technologies make it possible to capture quality images regardless of the bad lighting conditions. In addition, this camera comes with advanced PTRZ capabilities.


Axis Q3615-VE built with the biggest sensor available from Axis for a fixed dome camera. It delivers supreme quality images in complex lighting conditions. This camera truly awe-inspiring with its outdoor-ready robust design along with IK10 Vandal resistant rating. You can really trust upon this Axis IP camera as it can withstand in critical climate changes. This camera is ideal for city and transportation surveillance.

Check out some features of Axis Q3615-VE Network Camera:

  • Delivers Exceptional image quality with 1/1.9” sensor
  • Featured with Lightfinder and WDR – Forensic Capture
  • Provide HDTV 1080p at 30 fps with WDR, up to 60 fps without WDR
  • Unique remote PTRZ (pan/tilt/roll/zoom) capability for efficient installation and readjustment
  • Support Axis’ Zipstream technology – save on bandwidth and storage without compromising quality

WDR – Forensic capture is one of the best technology that we can count on delivering clear and detailed images even during difficult lighting conditions. Normal cameras cannot capture quality images if the scene is flooded with high contrast light as well as darkness. But with WDR – Forensic capture and Lightfinder technologies, The Axis Q3615-VE is able to capture color images of such locations. Axis is always innovative on their technologies. With Axis Zipstream technology, this camera can save you more money by reducing the bandwidth and storage uses around 50% and more without sacrificing quality.

The installation of these cameras is very easy. It supports remote PTRZ feature to make the installation much easier and it also helps the operator to control the view without making any physical change in the position of the camera. There is no need to pause the camera when you change its angle. So, you will get maximum uptime for your visuals.

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