AXIS F44 Dual Audio Input Main Unit Dubai


AXIS F44 Dual Audio Input Main Unit

AXIS F44 Dual Audio Input Main Unit is a multiview surveillance system equipped with the innovative technology From axis communications. This main unit support up to 4 AXIS F Sensor Units. This main unit support WDR – Forensic Capture and Axis’ Zipstream technologies to produce superior quality images.


Security cameras are the strength of any CCTV security. It has an effective role in acquiring images that are used to analyze the situations. Now the cameras are becoming highly influential in the surveillance role. The expanding surveillance need results in the highly intelligent security cameras that can be used for any discreet monitoring both the external and internal purposes. Axis F44 Dual Audio Input main unit come with the features that is perfect for the multi-view surveillance. It has the cutting edge functionalities that improve the surveillance in a great way.

Ideal for the multi-location surveillance

Axis F44 Dual Audio Input main unit supports four Axis F sensor units for detailed surveillance of four near areas. The prime unit can be set up in a protected area, even though the sensors can be installed in limited indoor and outdoor areas. The rough design makes it ideal for the challenging surveillance applications including the ATMs, retail stores, vehicles and so on. Axis F44 Dual Audio Input main unit offers affordable solution for the multi-view monitoring. It enable concurrent streaming of views from four locations via one Ethernet port. Compared to separate installation of four different network cameras, the solution with the Axis F44 Dual Audio Input main unit is a good choice. Furthermore, the overall installation of the system is flexible and easier.

Good in all lighting conditions

The two capture mode of 1080p and 720p makes it possible to deliver the images in two different resolution. In both the modes, Axis F44 main unit provide the quad view streaming, which joins the streaming from four sensor units into one for single viewing. Axis Zipstream technology allows the unit to reduce the bandwidth usage and reduce the storage requirements. WDR-Forensic capture allows the system to provide the detailed image against the bright and dark scene conditions. This technology makes it ideal for the usage in a situation where the object becomes dark due to the bright background. Likewise in the night situations too. Its rugged design makes it possible to use in any weather conditions and is shock resistant. Axis F44 supports

Features in a nutshell:

  • High definition images of 1080p and 720p resolution
  • Supports WDR- forensic capture
  • Can attach four sensor units
  • Axis Zipstream technology
  • Supports two-way audio
  • Two SD card slots
  • Quad view streaming
  • Can be secured with password protection
  • Supports H.264 and high profile motion JPEG Format

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