AXIS F1004 Bullet Sensor Unit Dubai


AXIS F1004 Bullet Sensor Unit

Axis F1004 Bullet Sensor unit is used for discreet surveillance applications. This lightweight bullet-style designed sensor unit can be tilted to the favored viewing direction. It offers high resolution images of 720p. It can be utilized in ATMs, banks, hotels and vehicles.


Security cameras are the central source of a typical CCTV system. Continuing development of CCTV technology led to the growth of high-end cameras which can be used for great deal of surveillance applications. Axis Communications is definitely the foremost leader involved in the manufacturing of advanced security cameras. Made for the surveillance operations, the mix of Axis network cameras can satisfy each and every security needs. If you are searching for cameras that are particularly designed for the discreet surveillance, then Axis modular cameras are the ideal option. The modular cameras have been completely designed in the divided network camera concept which are made up of the main body unit and the sensor unit. Axis F1004 bullet Sensor unit is the kind that is used for extremely discreet surveillance.

Easy to use and install

AXIS F1004 Bullet Sensor Unit encompasses a highly lightweight bullet-style design. It could turn and tilt to the preferred viewing direction, it contains a base plate lesser than the palm of a hand. It makes it possible for simple and easy highly discreet set up on inside ceilings and walls, and is ideally suited for use in retail stores, ATMs, banks, hospitals, hotels and offices. It comprises a fixed lens and an image sensor. It delivers a 102 degree horizontal field of view with a 720p video resolution and good low-light performance. They are available in a removable 8-m cable for connection to an AXIS F Main Unit.

Some of the highlights

  • Easy and discreet installation
  • Able to rotate and tilt to the favorable viewing direction
  • 102 degree of horizontal view
  • High quality of image with 720p resolution
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Fixed iris lens
  • Frame rate of 25 to 30 Fps
  • Can withstand extreme cool temperature
  • Pan tilt and rotation

Solutions with CCTV Dubai

Establishing comprehensive security solution using Axis F1004 Bullet Sensor unit bring about many amazing benefits. The security results could be more powerful using these cameras. Depending on a professional solution provider is essential for the advancement of security solutions. There comes the significance of CCTV Dubai – the leader in the area of CCTV installations and solution provider in UAE. We at CCTV Dubai is skilled at delivering innovative options to the various industry needs.

Many years of expertise in the area of designing and implementation made us a leading CCTV security systems provider in Dubai. As being a leading Axis IP camera supplier in UAE, we take overwhelming care to produce security solutions in the greater way. Consequently in a city like Dubai, as being an added security cover, it is always good to get the solutions using the latest cameras.

Our variety of solutions are obtainable in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Umm Al-Quwain, Al Ain, Ras Al-Khaimah and Ajman as well. Our solutions with AXIS security IP cameras give customers the option to feel the preferred results. With range of Axis CCTV systems, the solutions we provide is able to fulfill the security requirements in an efficient way. Once and for all, we are at your comfort for each and every kind of your security needs – if it for your business or homes. Contact us for a detailed understanding.


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