AXIS F4005-E Dome Sensor Unit Dubai


AXIS F4005-E Dome Sensor Unit

Axis F4005-E Dome sensor unit is designed exclusively for indoor and outdoor surveillance needs. Due to its advanced features, this recessed dome sensor unit can be used for surveillance in ATMs, hotels, banks, financial institutions and vehicles. It provides high definition images of 1080p and has the WDR- forensic capture to get the detailed images.


CCTV surveillance as a dependable security measure has an important role in deterring possible external and internal threats. Video security cameras have developed much and the brands like Axis communications comes with innovative network cameras in order to meet all kind of surveillance. Axis is widely known to be the leader in CCTV technology. Axis network cameras have really changed the way the surveillance is carried out. AXIS F4005-E Dome Sensor Unit is exclusively built for discreet surveillance for both the indoor and outdoor applications.

It has been designed to meet the extremely discreet surveillance for both the outdoor and indoor applications. This vandal resistant recessed dome sensor unit is easy to install and the mounting adapter that comes with the sensor unit allows the system to be placed in tough places. This feature makes Axis F4005-E Dome sensor unit suitable for applications in ATM surveillance, Bank surveillance and other areas where discreet surveillance is required. It can be used in emergency vehicles, buses, etc… This sensor unit is weather resistant and can survive snow, dust, rain, vibration, shock and other temperature fluctuations. It is IP66 rated.

It provides high definition image of 1080p resolution and has the ability to offer a horizontal view of the image in 110-degree. It can tilt to the range of 120-degree range allowing the unit to captured wide area. In order to capture the vertically focused areas, Axis F4005-E Dome sensor unit is equipped with the feature of Axis Corridor format. The WDR – forensic capture enables the unit to capture the detailed view of the images against the bright light and in dark scenes. The forensic capture is activated only when it is connected with Axis main unit having forensic capture facility.

Some of the features:

  • Vandal resistant recessed Dome camera
  • Indoor and outdoor highly discreet surveillance
  • Wide 110-degree horizontal view
  • Supports WDR – Forensic camera
  • Axis Corridor format to the capture the elevated areas
  • Can tilt to 120-degree to get the desired coverage
  • High definition image of 1080p resolution
  • Can be connected to Axis F34, Axis F41 and Axis F44 main unit.

To come with a high-security measure is important for the industries and homes in a city like Dubai. If you have decided to improve security measures with CCTV surveillance, it is better to have the systems installed with an experienced CCTV provider. CCTV Dubai is the foremost CCTV installation provider in Dubai who is able to design, plan and implement total security solutions that meet your security needs with the Axis security systems. We are exceptional in bringing the latest of solutions with the Axis IP cameras in Dubai. Apart from Dubai, we have our presence in all the emirates of UAE including Sharjah, Al Ain, Umm Al-Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah, Abu Dhabi and Ajman.


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