AXIS M3014 Network Camera Dubai


AXIS M3014 Network Camera

Axis M3104 is a 1MP Network camera built with progressive scan technology. It has an innovative design that is best suited for discreet video surveillance requirements.


Axis M3014 Network Camera is designed for installation in suspended ceilings. It departs from the surface by only three centimeters, not rushing into the visitor’s eyes. CMOS sensor with progressive scan makes it possible to observe objects in motion without unpleasant distortion typical of interlaced scanning. This 1 Megapixel video cameras Axis M3014, equal to 1280×800 allows to obtain an image of a few times the size of the frame Analog cameras, more space is made available for observation.

Features Axis M3014 IP-surveillance cameras: 

  • Fixed Dome Camera with unobtrusive design
  • Delivers HDTV Quality
  • Progressive scan
  • Frame Rate:
    • 25 fps with power line frequency 50 Hz
    • 30 fps with power line frequency 60 Hz
  • Multiple H.264 streams
  • Support Power over Ethernet (PoE) which eliminating the need for power cables and reduces installation costs.
  • Intelligent video capabilities
  • Easy to install
  • Advanced security and network management
  • Open Application Programming Interface (API) for software integration, including VAPIX and Axis Camera Application Platform
  • This product includes software developed by the OpenSSL Project for use in the OpenSSL Toolkit

AXIS M3014 is specially designed for installation in suspended ceilings and is ideal for covert surveillance in retail stores, banks and other office buildings. This Ultra-compact fixed IP video surveillance camera is specifically developed for recessed mounting in drop ceilings, creating a supreme discreet solution for network video surveillance, as its diameter is only 9 cm (3.6 inches), and the projection from the ceiling – 3 cm (1.1 inch). AXIS M3014 Network camera transmits high-quality video with a resolution of HDTV or 1 megapixel. Thus, this model is ideal for surveillance in areas with high demands on detail, for example at the inlet or at the box office.  Installing Axis M3014 does not require any additional power cabling as it supports PoE(power over Ethernet). This model transmits high-quality megapixel video resolution up to 1280×800 pixels. Thanks to progressive scan camera transmit an informative video of moving objects without distortion. Clean and clear images with megapixel resolution, obtained with this IP cameras can be used for detailed analysis of the events and the identification of people.

Axis Cameras are one of the best network cameras available on market today. Do not hesitate to have a look on Axis CCTV Systems provided by CCTV Dubai in UAE

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