AXIS M5013 PTZ Dome Network Camera Dubai


AXIS M5013 PTZ Dome Network Camera

AXIS M5013 PTZ Dome Network Camera is palm-sized pan tilt zoom camera that offers wide coverage, high-quality video, easy installation and use. It is ideal for the surveillance in the indoor areas including the stores, banks, hotels, etc… It has a built-in microphone with audio detection feature.


Ever since the CCTV systems have become an important security measure, there has been reported a great drop in the illegal happenings. It’s not too late for you to secure environment with the latest CCTV cameras and systems. To accept what is best in the security market will help you achieve the desired goals. With the Axis CCTV systems gaining popularity, many views designing the security solution with Axis network cameras will put an end to all the security woes. Major providers really enjoying the idea of providing security with Axis IP cameras because of this popularity. Axis M5013 PTZ Dome Network Camera is a sort that is specifically designed for the broad coverage.

PTZ camera that gives you a great picture

This palm-sized pan tilt zoom camera is affordable and is particularly used for remote and refined indoor surveillance. It’s a perfect option for a broader coverage of activities particularly useful in stores, restaurants, banks and other areas where discreet monitoring is required. It is a great tool to enhance the sales, customer service etc… Due to Its small size, it is difficult to identify for the outsiders. It offers brilliant image quality in SVGA 800×600 resolution. Multiple streaming in H.264 and motion JPEG is possible in this Axis M5013 PTZ Dome Network Camera.

What’s more?

This Axis IP camera is dustproof and designed to protect it from dripping water. It has been designed to provide the users for a quick and easy installation. It supports Power over Ethernet which helps to reduce the installation cost. The built-in microphone allow the users to listen remotely and audio to be recorded. With the intelligent audio detection feature, it allows to trigger alarm events in case of any uncommon sounds or noise. It supports edge storage for the local savings.

The other features include:

  • Pan, tilt and Zoom in discreet design
  • SVGA quality video streaming
  • IP51 rated – protection against ingress dust and water
  • Support Power over Ethernet
  • Built in microphone and intelligent Audio detection
  • Open API for software integration
  • Password protection
  • IP address filtering
  • Plastic protective casing
  • Progressive scan

Having the system installed with the leading provider will give you an edge in the security. Whatever be your business, it is your responsibility to give utmost protection to the assets and to have a proper watch of the activities. In this unsecured world, a good security measure will give competitive advantage even in terms of productivity and security.

CCTV Dubai is a prominent CCTV security solutions provider who is adept at delivering quality, state of the art security to all kinds of industries. As a leading Axis CCTV systems distributor in Dubai, we have the right solution for you with the Axis IP cameras. Receiving the solution with CCTV Dubai means your business is hugged the latest measure to prevent any possible illegal occurrences plus a step toward better employee productivity. So be prepared to convert your whole security arena that helps you achieve your desired goals. We are operative in the regions of UAE including Al Ain, Fujairah, Sharjah, Umm Al-Quwain, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al-Khaimah and Ajman.


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