AXIS P3905-R Network Camera Dubai


AXIS P3905-R Network Camera

Axis P3905-R Network Camera is a high definition camera designed exclusively for vehicle surveillance. Its ability to respond to the different levels of light make it a good choice for your vehicles. Additionally, it is able to capture well-adjusted pictures of moving objects.


CCTV security is certainly the best when it comes to the choice of modern security measures. From street surveillance to vehicle surveillance, the advantages it brings in terms of protection and productivity is innumerous. Previously, the use of CCTV were limited to commercial and government sectors only. But now with the wide acceptance, its usage has been extended to other areas as well. It has become an important tool of security now. Having to keep track activities on the vehicles, specially designed onboard cameras are available in the market for the vehicle monitoring. Axis Communications is a well-known leader in the manufacturing of advanced cameras. Their cameras are renowned for the performance and reliability. AXIS P3905-R Network Camera is suitable for the surveillance in vehicles.

Specially engineered for the surveillance in vehicles

The AXIS P3905-R is really a high-performance camera specially engineered for video monitoring in buses, subway cars, trains, and emergency vehicles.It produces high-definition videos in 1080p resolution. The camera is specifically modified to respond rapidly to variations in light levels. Also, it makes certain that high picture quality is preserved. Traffic Light mode helps you to better differentiate colors of traffic lights in dim scenes. The progressive scan produces improved images of fast moving objects. This camera can withstand the changes in temperature variations, shocks, vibrations, bumps etc… The active tampering alarm can issue alarm in the event of any illegal attempts on the system

Just consider some of its benefits:

  • Rugged design makes it possible for easy installation and usage in vehicles
  • High definition video quality
  • Traffic light mode
  • Edge storage
  • High-security protection
  • Open API for software integration
  • AXIS Video Motion Detection 3 and Active tampering alarm
  • Support MicroSDHC
  • Video management software
  • AXIS Digital Auto tracking

Empower your vehicle surveillance with CCTV Dubai

As a pioneer in providing security solution over the years, CCTV Dubai is calculated as the most reliable and trusted CCTV provider in the UAE. By providing well-matured solutions to the industries of all sizes, we prove that we can handle all kinds of security solutions as well as the vehicle surveillance with the Axis IP cameras. Termed as the best, we endeavor to deliver quality surveillance with the AXIS Onboard surveillance cameras. Apart from Dubai, we are functioning in the places of Umm Al-Quwain, Ras Al-Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Sharjah, Fujairah and Ajman as well. We are here to help you from the scratch–i.e. from designing to deployment. Contact us to know more.


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